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What an English Tutor can do for your Child

ď śIf your child is facing difficulty with English at school school, it is likely that he or she will also be performing poorly on other subjects j as well. ď śYou need to consider getting an English tutor for y your child who will provide p tailor-made instruction in a friendly and non-threatening environment.

ď śA child suffering from problems with English at school is at a special disadvantage. ď śNot only is the child unable to grasp the concepts taught in the English subject, but he also suffers at other subjects j because the subject matter is also presented in English.

ď śThe child reading a textbook on his or her own may be at a loss to understand the scientific concepts or historical facts presented in English. p g ď śA child who performs poorly in English and other core subjects j has limited prospects for higher education. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to get an E li h tutors English t t t help to h l your child. hild

ď śIn the modern education system, a lot of emphasis is placed on reading. reading Children have to read extensive course books that can be challenging g g for someone who has difficulty with the written language. p g is a better approach pp to learning g ď śSpeaking the English language.

ď śTherefore, the child must frequently interact with people in their surroundings who speak fluent English. ď śA child who is deprived of such an environment needs to work very hard to shape his or her English skills. A good English tutor can create an enabling environment by encouraging the child to speak in English.

ď śThe ease with which a child speaks a particular language is an indicator of the health of his or her social relationships. Children who communicate well also find it easier to make friends and get along with classmates. They can ask questions to have their doubts clarified. f

ď śIf your child struggles with English, he may have limited social interaction and become an introvert. ď śAn English tutor can help your child to overcome his or her inhibition by providing p g him with the skills and confidence to approach people and form healthy relationships.

ď śChildren are unable to ask questions in the classroom when they feel that they might not be able to express themselves correctly. y As a result,, their doubts remain unresolved and they learn very little. ď śOn the other hand, in a one to one session with a tutor the child may find it easier i to t ask k questions ti and d gett his hi or her h concepts clear.

ď śThe English tutor will understand the temperament and personality of your child and will know which way your child will understand best. ď śYour child will be encouraged to ask questions and p q practice speaking p g and writing on topics that he or she is most comfortable with.

ď ś A teacher also cannot address the needs of every child in the classroom classroom. The teacher has to follow a standard lesson plan and might simply skim over topics that your child needs help in. ď ś An English tutor who has the knowledge of various i aspects off the h subject, bj such h as grammar, pronunciation, sentence construction and vocabulary, vocabulary will be much better at working with your child on those p areas. Your child will thus show specific remarkable progress within a short span of time.

ď śThe tutor who understands your child’s personality will be able to put your child at ease and remove the fear of speaking up. p ď śTherefore, your child will become more assertive and eager g to share his concerns and enhance his or her expertise in the subject.

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What an English Tutor can do for your Child  

If your child is facing difficulty with English at school, it is likely that he or she will also be performing poorly on other subjects as w...