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Weight Loss Surgical Procedures Help You O Overcome Ob Obesity i

ď śObesity is a dangerous health condition, and it can be very difficult to conquer. conquer Given the immense impact it can have on your self-esteem,, obesity y y can become its own self-perpetuating issue, and it often takes drastic measures to win the final battle. ď ś

ď śHowever, these measures are not as drastic as they may seem. seem ď śWeight loss surgical procedures are safe and effective strategies for gaining control over your weight and, in the process, preventing life threatening illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

ď śGastric Sleeve Surgical Procedure ď ś One bariatric surgical procedure that has become immensely popular is the gastric sleeve surgical procedure. procedure The reason for its popularity is that it works. When a physician p y performs p this procedure, p he or she literally removes a portion of your stomach and creates a tube shaped organ, or a sleeve, l outt off what h t stomach t h tissue is left. The size of your stomach is greatly diminished and therefore therefore, so is your appetite.

ď śWhen you eat smaller amounts of food at a given time, time your body absorbs and stores less fat and you lose weight. On average, g , patients p who undergo g this procedure lose about 80% of their excess weight. ď śFor example, a patient who is 100 pounds overweight will lose about 80 pounds over the subsequent six months or so. so

There are few risks involved in having this procedure done. done It is often done as a laparoscopic procedure, so there is only a small external incision. This equates q to a quicker recovery period and almost no chance of infection because there are only a couple off stitches. Occasionally, an internal staple or stitch may ttear loose, l leak, l k or b become infected, i f t d but this is easy to fix with another laparoscopic procedure and a course of antibiotics. 

ď śGastric Banding Surgery Procedure ď ś ď śAnother common weight loss surgical procedure is the gastric banding surgery. surgery One brand name often associated with gastric banding is the Lap Band. This procedure involves a silicone band being inserted over the top of the stomach. It is then tightened, forming a pouch.

ď śThe area of your stomach above the band becomes the only part of the stomach that holds or stores food, meaning g that y your appetite pp will be decreased, and your body will have far less fat to absorb at once. ď śLike the gastric sleeve, the gastric banding procedure has a very high success rate t for f substantial b t ti l and d sustainable weight loss.

ď śThis is another procedure that can be done as a laparoscopic surgery, surgery providing the patient with a rapid recovery time and no visible scars. ď śGastric banding is, in fact, reversible. At any time, the band can be removed by a bariatric specialist. There are few risks involved in the procedure.

ď śThe band may move or shift, which will diminish the overall results of the procedure and cause some discomfort, but this is easily y remedied. It is important for patients to remember to adhere to a prescribed diet after their surgery. Overeating can result in nausea and vomiting, and over time, it can stretch the band and negate the positive results of the procedure.

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Weight Loss Surgical Procedures Help You Overcome Obesity  
Weight Loss Surgical Procedures Help You Overcome Obesity  

Weight loss surgical procedures are safe and effective strategies for gaining control over your weight and, in the process, preventing life...