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Understanding Your Body’s Belly Fat

ď śIf you are among the millions of men and women who stand before the mirror and see the equivalent of a spare tire around their midsections, you must be wondering whether there is anything you can do to get rid of it. The health and beauty industries are pumping guilt into many people even as they advertise their products. Every advertiser who wants to sell anything from breakfast cereal to underwear uses flat sexy bellies as the medium to pass their information across.

 We live in a generation that has an obsession for flat stomachs, and this has a number of psychological consequences as well. Everyone wants to ‘belong’ in order to fit into a certain social circle. Anyone with a potbelly feels ugly and unwanted.  The truth of the matter is, beyond those bad feelings, you own health and longevity will greatly depend on the shape of your belly. A healthy belly is not simply about looking good; your entire future depends on it somehow.

ď śA healthy belly is an integral part of good health. ď śOur abdominal muscles play a leading role in our ability to do a large number of activities. Abdominal muscles are largely responsible for the ability to breathe deeply, align our pelvis, keeping our torso erect, the ability to move, rotate and flex the entire trunk, supporting your spine and of course supporting the digestive organs.

ď ś This should tell you therefore, that the fitness obsessed buffs know something that you also need to know. Learning the different ways you can work to regain a flat stomach is one of the best ways to get perfectly toned core muscles that will support your body and also promote good health.

 Anyone who wants to leave for a journey needs an accurate map in order for him or her to arrive at the destination without having to keep on guessing. Going without one because you are ‘in a hurry’ to arrive is disaster personified. You will not only waste your few resources but will also burn up that time you were trying to save and much more of it. It is therefore a wise thing for you to ‘waste’ some little time looking for an accurate and dependable map that will guide you on your journey.

ď śBefore begin shedding off belly fat, it is therefore in order that we spend a little time in order to understand the topography of the belly. With just a simple knowledge of the anatomy of the belly, you will be giving yourself a mental map of what you are dealing with. We are going to take a mental scalpel and peel away a few layers of belly skin so that we take a peek at the belly and everything that lies just under the skin.

ď ś One interesting thing that the scientists are discovering about the skin around your abdomen is that it is relatively different from skin on the rest of the body. The skin on the belly has a form of subcutaneous tissue that seems to be in love with fat cells. This is the reason why this skin has the ability to hoard several inches of body fat. Another important fact about belly fat is that once there is an accumulation of it around the tummy, it is not extremely easy to melt it away, unless you learn the correct process of doing it.

ď śHow to get rid belly fat ď śIn most cases, what we see when we look at models with flat stomachs, are not people whose fat cells have disappeared but people whose fat cells have been starved and shrunk. Most of these fat cells will just be hanging around there wait ing for chance to fill up and bulge again.

ď śThe best belly fat loss programs therefore are those that will go beyond the fat cells and go much deeper. The challenge is that when you work to eliminate the fat cells alone, you actually expose yourself to other related problems.

 The type of fat that covers the midsection and these muscles can be hard to deal with but must be eliminated in order for you to enjoy good health.  Researchers are discovering that belly fat finally becomes another organ that has its own proteins, hormones and can move to other internal organs.  When such fat goes deep inside to organs like the liver, it impairs the liver’s ability to eliminate cholesterol placing you at a higher risk of getting heart diseases.

ď śIt is the same type of fat that reduces the effectiveness of insulin, increasing your chances of developing diabetes. ď śResearch has discovered that your stomach fat cells can produce proteins and hormones that will easily interact with the rest of the body.

ď śApparently, they actually behave like an active body organ that sends signals to the rest of the body making you susceptible to other diseases such as heart diseases and several cancers. ď śBurning belly fat therefore is not just about looks, there is more to it than that. The good health of your body depends greatly on it.

ď śThe anatomy of belly fat ď śWhile flaunting your waistline is a good enough reason to motivate you to deal with belly fat, the truth of that matter is that there should be stronger incentives to do that – and good health is the chief among them.

ď śBody fat, and especially the fat around your belly, plays an important role regarding whether you will remain healthy and it is also vital in determining our risk level for different chronic diseases. While it is true that we all need a small amount of tummy fat so as to cushion our internal organs and maintain body temperature, the main problem is a particular type of belly fat and where it is located that normally leads to the related health challenges.

ď śTypes of belly fat ď śThere are basically two types of tummy fat; the subcutaneous and the visceral fat layers. Subcutaneous fat is normally found under the skin and this is what is normally visible and can actually be pinched. This is what we see when we are standing in front of the bathroom mirror.

ď śWhile this is unsightly, we should perhaps be more afraid of the visceral stuff that we cannot see. Visceral fat is related to the internal body organs and is found deep inside our abdomens surrounding tissues such as the kidneys, liver, pancreas and intestines. The latter is the fat that gives your tummy the potbelly we all love to hate.

ď ś- Subcutaneous fat can be described as a passive form of fat because it is basically used as a form of storage or repository. With a little bit of metabolism from other systems of the body, this form of fat is easily and quickly converted into energy to be expended by the body.

ď ś- Visceral fat, on the other hand is considered an active form of fat because it becomes a form of an organ in and of itself. When it breaks down it releases a number of fatty acids and other hormones which get to be metabolized by the liver.

ď śAccording to researchers, the fatty acids produced by this type of fat get directly into the liver where they produce an adverse metabolic environment causing the liver to do some things that impair good health.

ď ś Too much visceral fat in the system can enhance the blood sugar levels which increase the amount of insulin which also increases inflammation, creating a perfect set up for the development of diseases such as diabetes, stroke and several types of cancers. While visceral fat is located deep inside our abdomens, it is actually related to damages that it causes in different other parts of the body. Since no other type of fat in the body does these things, this is a perfect motivation for everyone to keep belly fat under lock and key.

ď śFailure to take charge of this type of fat gives rise to fat packed pot bellies which you see everywhere as a protrusion on the tummy. The little amount that is visible on the surface is bad enough but is only deceptive.

ď śDoctors surmise that when you are carrying visceral fat you are like someone carrying stuff weighing between 7 and 10 pounds in a bag that is meant to carry no more than 5 pounds. Since there is no more room for growth, it creates tightness in the system. ď ś

Understanding your body belly fat  
Understanding your body belly fat  

If you are among the millions of men and women who stand before the mirror and see the equivalent of a spare tire around their midsections,...