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Top 5 reasons to install Gutter Guard on your gutters

ď śWe all agree that keeping gutters free from dead leaves and everything else that ends up choking them is essential to maintaining to keeping your home in good condition. ď śThere are various ways this can be achieved, either doing it yourself or getting professionals in to do it for you. For the uninitiated this article will give you the top reasons why installing gutter guards is important.

ď śProtect Your Home from Water Damage ď śThe only time you get to know that there is something seriously wrong with your gutters is in the middle of a downpour and you see a wall of water coming off your roof. Now it is a bit too late to do anything and you are at risk of the water causing serious damage to your home. Damage can occur in the following ways:

 Gutters getting ripped off your roof due to the weight of the rain water  Potential house foundation damage  Erosion around the base of your house from all the water falling off the roof  Roof and wall timbers damage due to overflows  A gutter guard system will protect against all these problems above. Your gutters will remain free of debris allowing them to work effectively at diverting the water when it rains.

ď śThink Safety First ď śCleaning gutters is no easy feat. You require specialist climbing and safety equipment and the knowledge and skill to use it. The end result, you attempt to clean your gutters with just a ladder and a brush.

ď śSave on gutter cleaning costs ď śLet us say you have chosen to be safe and get someone in to clean your gutters out for you. Wise decision, now you have the pleasure of looking up at someone hanging off your roof precariously. And you have to pay them for that pleasure as well.

Once you go down the paying someone to do it route, it is going to be a recurring expense because if you don’t pay your gutters gets clogged. However, paying someone to install gutter guards instead will save you a fortune because you do not have to worry about getting someone is every couple of months to clean them out.

ď śDecaying twigs, leaves and moisture provide the best conditions which support mold and spore growth. You have a perfect combination of these in roof gutters. Mold and spores will cause damage to your timbers as well as the potential to trigger allergic reactions. ď śThey can potentially cause the structure of your home to rot, putting you and your family in danger. This is another top reason why gutter guards are a must.

ď śEnhance Your Property’s Value ď śGutter guard is an investment into your property. Potential buyers want to know the home they are buying has a low risk of rain water damage through overflowing gutters. A newly observed trend by realtors is the fact that more home seekers are asking if the home they are seeking to purchase has gutter guards installed.

ď śThe consequence is that they are not willing to pay asking price, and will deduct the costs of installing a gutter guard system from the money they are willing to pay. ď ś People do not like to move into a new house and then have to start doing some work on it. Make sure your home appreciates in value by installing a gutter guard system.

I hope this article has managed to show that installing gutter guards has more benefits than just keeping your gutters free of clutter. Get a leaf guard here: 

Top 5 reasons to install gutter guard on your gutters  

We all agree that keeping gutters free from dead leaves and everything else that ends up choking them is essential to maintaining to keeping...