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Tips for preparing for manufactured home moving i situations i i

ď śThe original concept behind the creation of the mobile home was that it was a decent home that was affordable, but could be moved if the need should ever arise. ď śNow that newer models are sturdier and bigger than ever before, there are still design options left in that will allow for manufactured f t dh home moving i today. t d

ď śEven though it will be more difficult than it was in the past, past it can still be done done, and there are dedicated companies still willing g to take on such p projects j for homeowners faced with just that prospect.

Hiring manufactured home moving companies Hiring companies that move manufactured homes is pretty much the same as hiring a moving company to move your belongings from one place to another. You need to do some research, check for references, and get quotes on the completion of the job.

ď śMost of them are local operators that would be willing to move your home from one site to another within a few hundred miles and take care of everything y g involved, from preparing the home for the move, loading and unloading, and installing it on the new site. ď ś

ď śThe first place to look when seeking to hire manufactured home moving companies would be with the agent who sold y you the home in the first place. p ď śThey hire companies regularly to move their homes, or use their own.

ď śOnce you have secured a moving contractor go over the contract carefully, contractor, carefully especially when it comes to charges for the move. ď śSome will often have mileage fees for moves that go beyond their normal radius, or additional costs to cover insurance.

ď śPreparing for the move ď śMost contractors will do all of the physical work of preparing the structure for the move, but the homeowner will be responsible for removing items from the home before the move takes place.

ď śGood contractors will give you guidelines that will outline what can and cannot be left inside the home during the move, to make sure that trailers are not overloaded, and risk damage because of the extra weight.

ď śItems that cannot be left inside the home include personal valuables like money, money computers, televisions, and important documents that cannot be easily y replaced; fragile furniture; air conditioning units not a part of the home’s structure; heavy freezers; f lawn furniture and equipment; and any hazardous materials. materials

ď śSkirting, storage units, fencing, plants and steps will be moved at the discretion of the manufactured home moving companies, p , so be prepared p p to move them yourself if need be.

ď śMoving day ď śThe physical preparation to move your home by the manufactured home moving contractor will require using the same manufactured home set up equipment that were used during installation. Jacks will be used to lever up the home from its foundation to remove the anchors.

ď śConnecting bolts will be removed from the joined sections to separate them to be lifted by cranes onto trailers for transport, p , after all exterior connections to air conditioning units, electric, natural gas and water are turned off and disconnected. ď ś

Tips for preparing for manufactured home moving situations  

The original concept behind the creation of the mobile home was that it was a decent home that was affordable, but could be moved if the nee...