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The Total Wellness Cleanse Review – My 10 Day Detox Diet And Cleanse With Yuri Elkaim

It’s been now slightly over 10 days since committing to the Total Wellness Cleanse with Yuri Elkaim, and I’m happy to say that I’ve successfully y completed p the cleanse! I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the results so far, as not only have I shed a few f pounds off toxins and fat, f but my energy levels are through the roof.

If you missed Part 1 of my Total Wellness Cleanse Review Review, click here. here In this blog post, I want to share with you an “after” after video about my experience with the cleanse, as well as share a review of the Total Wellness Cleanse and the results that I experienced from it. There are many benefits from going on a cleanse, l and dh hopefully f ll I can inspire i i you at the end of this blog post for you to commit to giving yourself this gift. gift

The Total Wellness Cleanse Review First I want to say that the Total First, Wellness Cleanse is actually a 30 day program with a 14 day cleansing phase, program, phase and another 14 days as a “maintenance” phase. I actually p y only y decided to commit to 10 days of cleansing, as on the 10th day I had plans of going out of town and wouldn’t ld ’t be b able bl to t follow f ll the th program as strictly.

ď śI also decided this because of my plans of getting back into my weight training routine, so I can keep putting on muscle. I will most likely y do another cleanse later on this year and schedule more time so that I can complete it fully, but I was pleased with the results off only doing a 10 day detox.

My Results I reached all of my objectives through this cleanse. The primary reason why I decided to do it was so that I could have more energy. While weight loss and getting g g rid of other symptoms y p are other benefits of cleansing, it wasn’t what motivated me to do it, as overall I am a very h healthy lth iindividual di id l and dd don’t ’t have h much weight to lose. But, I did receive those benefits as well, well and below I want to share my results.

ď śI dramatically increased my energy levels where the moment I wake up levels, I feel energized, happy and motivated to take action. I’ve noticed this energy stay with me throughout the entire day without fluctuation, whereas before f the cleanse I would crash at certain points or have dips in my energy levels and productivity

I got rid of certain cravings and bad eating habits habits. At times I’d I d have sugar cravings or indulge in some unhealthy foods,, but haven’t felt any y during g the cleanse or even two days after. I expect it to stay this way. One thing Yuri Elkaim states in the program is that we crave what’s in our blood. Once we cleanse our bloodstream bloodstream, the cravings go away and you begin to crave healthy foods.

I lost 4-5 pounds of waste, toxins and fat. fat This also equated to 1 1-2% 2% body fat. I feel lighter, am leaner with my y abs more visible,, and don’t feel or look as bloated. My body flushed out a lot of toxins during the cleanse that it wasn’t able to before. f My skin is brighter and I’ve had less b breakouts. k t I used d to t gett a few f breakouts on my arms or back, but haven’tt noticed any as I’ve haven I ve completed the cleanse.

My mood has increased dramatically I really learned during dramatically. this cleanse that foods play a role in your emotional states. Whenever I’d eat junk j food or processed food, I’d feel bad after wards. Sometimes I would feel negative, down, frustrated, f irritated, or whatever. Whereas whenever I eat healthy foods on the cleanse, cleanse I feel BETTER afterwards and overall I felt happier and more positive naturally.

ď śThere was many more I could probably name but these have been the main name, ones and most noticeable. ď śThe challenge that I experience after cleansing is to keep up the raw food lifestyle, y as it creates a conflict with my y fitness training goals and nutrition plan that I follow from my coach right now.

But, the good news is that I learned a ton more about health through Yuri Elkaim in the Total Wellness Cleanse and have now eliminated certain foods and incorporated some new ones into my diet. Overall, my health and body has benefitted from this cleanse, so I’m very happy.

What Did I Eat? I primarily consumed raw foods during the entire cleansing phase, which I was originally concerned about. about I thought to myself, “What am I going to eat??” and had worries about being g overly y hungry. g y

ď śBut, my body adjusted fast. What made the Total Wellness Cleanse so amazing was the meal plan and recipe videos that Yuri has. ď śYuri basically shares with you dozens of amazing, cleansing raw-food meals that you can eat on each day.

During the cleanse, I made tasty new recipes and ate foods such as: Zucchini pasta with pesto sauce Butternut squash pasta with tomato marinara sauce Refreshing cucumber salad Green Soup

Hummus Baba Ghanouj Guacamole C Creamy Zi Zingy Limey Li S Smoothie thi Rawsanga Garlic and Spinach Soup Tabouli And much more!

was surprised by how good these meals tasted and really made sure I was prepared each day so that I wouldn’t go off the cleanse. Preparation p is key! y If you aren’t prepared and don’t have the foods you will easily just say, “I’m going to order a pizza instead” or opt for f fast f food. There are dozens of “cleansing” recipes and dozens of “maintenance” maintenance recipes to choose from.

Are You Ready For A Cleanse? Ultimately a cleanse has to be Ultimately, something that you are ready and committed for. for You have to be at the point where you are 100% committed to making g a change g in y your life and have a desire for more energy and a better life. If you’re reading this far, then I’m sure you are ready, d in i which hi h case I can highly recommend The Total Wellness Cleanse by Yuri Elkaim. Elkaim

While the only downside in the program is the price, price but I hope that this Total Wellness Cleanse review shows the benefits of investing g in a p program g like this. Yes, it’s expensive, but in my opinion, your body is worth it and you obviously can’t put a price on your health. If you’re telling yourself, “I can’t afford it it”, the truth is, is you can’t can t afford NOT to!

But, you don’t necessarily have to follow a cleanse like The Total Wellness Cleanse. You could always do it on your own,, or opt p for a more inexpensive p cleanse on the market, but from my experience I’ve never been able to consistently stick with something like that until deciding to invest the money in a high quality program that holds you by the hand during the entire cleansing phase.

ď śThanks for reading this blog post. I sincerely hope that you decide to take your health more seriously after this and that my y experience p by y cleansing g and detoxifying my body has given you a convincing argument to start a cleanse and transform f your body and health. You deserve to feel amazing and get the most out of life life, and a cleanse is a fantastic way to start by changing your life! ď ś

The Total Wellness Cleanse Review My 10 Day Detox Diet And Cleanse With Yuri Elkaim  
The Total Wellness Cleanse Review My 10 Day Detox Diet And Cleanse With Yuri Elkaim  

In this blog post, I want to share with you an “after” video about my experience with the cleanse, as well as share a review of the Total We...