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The Importance of Spotting Autism Early

™ With the increasing level of autism in children in US studies t di say you can diagnose di autism ti with ith children in every 20 minutes.

™ This neurobiological disorder which hampers the development of social interactivity and communication level and persists till adulthood is a real threat to many families and the society. society

™Research says that the rise in autistic level is frightening. ™ It was only one child in 10,000 spotted with autism but today it is 166 in 10,000 which hi h makes k it equall to t pediatric di t i cancer, AIDS and diabetes in children. Regardless of these facts there are many parents who are even aware of this autism in general.

™Although there is no permanent proven treatment for autism or avoidance for autism, early diagnosis and treatment can enhanced the life of the young autistic children. ™The parents and the care givers should be educated to detect autism at infancy itself by learning the normal development at each stage of a child. A one year old child can show the following signs and symptoms of autism:

™1. They do not give big and warm smiles and happy faces even at 6 months of age ™ ™2. There are no facial expressions or sounds to complement our talking. ™ ™3. Autistic children do not prattle even by 12 months.

™4. They do not point or show, reach or want any object even at 12 months. They do not shrug or nod to our actions.

™5. They do not start to talk even at 16 months.

™6. Even by two years they do not attempt to talk.

™7. Some children do not talk at all and this can happen at any age long with no social interactivity.

™When detecting autism in the child in the infancy itself there are more chances of the child responding to the treatment well resulting in a positive behavior modification. ™An early intervention between three to five years of age will help the child to improve 20 to 50 percent which results in the child attending the kindergarten in school.

™A successful intervention program aims at developing the cognitive, communication skills and also the social skills. ™The program should also train the parents, caregivers i and d th the teachers t h who h have h more influence on the child.

™The family members are confused and also scared when come to know about the autistic condition of the child. ™But with proper awareness and education th they will ill learn l tto h handle dl th the child hild in i a positive way.

™An organization Autism Speaks is dedicated in its service in bringing about awareness to families, society and individuals about autism and its outcome. outcome ™In short, an early intervention when autism is spotted along with the support of the parents can enhance the lives of autistic children to a great extent. ™

The Importance of Spotting Autism Early