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The Complete HTC Sensation 101

ď śWant a new phone with your first salary or as a gift from your parents for your birthday? Get to know all about HTC Sensation before you pick up a Samsung Galaxy or an Apple iPHone. ď śIt is a smartphone if that is what you want It is designed and manufactured by want. the Taiwanese company HTC.

ď śAnd though the company was initially known to make smartphones that were basically supported by Microsoft Windows Mobile Operating System, System it is now famous for its Android operating system. The phone HTC Sensation, phone, Sensation also comes with two special editions called the HTC Sensation XE deals and the HTC Sensation XL deals. After the launch of the HTC Sensation, two editions with slight variations i ti were llaunched. h d

ď śSo, before you make your decision on which phone you want to invest your money on, read about this new HTC Sensation Facts about HTC SensationThe Sensation.Facts launch of this smartphone is a recent event officially announced on April 11 event, 11, 2011 to the world. Marketed in the UK and the European p market by y Vodafone and to the United States of America by T-Mobile, the phone works well with GSM, GRPS and EDGE networks. t k

ď śYou will get in this smart phone all the features that you ideally want. It has 8 mega pixel camera with a 1080p video recording facility facility. A dual core 1.2 1 2 GHz ď śQualcomm chipset comes along with it. . Its dimensions are 126 126.1 1 mm or 4.96 4 96 inches in height, 65.4 mm or 2.57 inches in width and 11.3 mm or 0.44 inches in depth.

ď śThe dimensions might ponder you to think that the phone would be too big for your palm, but it is pretty comfortable to hold. A little heavy at 150 gm gm, the smart phone is priced at around $550. . ď ś It is priced at around $ 550 which is slightly cheaper than the other smart phones with similar quality. It runs, obviously, on the Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread.

ď śThe special editions like the HTC Sensation XE deals and the HTC Sensation XL deals come with some added and varied features The HTC Sensation XE This features. special edition phones called the HTC Sensation XE deals with beats audio, audio thus, thus extending the smart phone as a music phone too for music lovers. p

ď śNamed the HTC Sensation Extreme Edition, the phone was released on September 14, 2011 with the special Beats Audio version. version It differs from the original in the dual core processor of 1.5 GHz and also a running beats audio enhancement. Its battery at 1730 mAh is the best manufactured by y HTC till date.

ď śIt runs on Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) operating system. Its operating system is the next version of Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. Gingerbread ď śYou can also get the limited edition ear buds for the perfect music experience.The experience The HTC Sensation XLThe HTC Sensation XL deals with beats audio and is the latest launch on October, 2011. You might wander what are the differences then?

ď śWell, the HTC Sensation XL deals with a single processor of 1.5 GMz and it has a much wider screen at 4.7. The resolution is sacrificed though to some extent, extent though. And while XE meant extreme edition XL means extra large edition, large. .So, So enjoy your conversation along with many other features with the HTC Sensation smartphone. ď ś

The Complete HTC Sensation 101  

There are a lot of feature packed smart phones on the market today and a lot of people are looking for a reasonably priced alternative. At a...

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