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The Best Manual Wheelchairs are Those that Meet Your Personal Needs

ď śThere are so many different wheelchairs on the market today, today that while the selection is great, it can be bewildering trying y g to decide exactly y what you y want or need. you have narrowed down the search ď ś If y by deciding that manual wheelchairs are the way you wish to go, you will note th t you still that till have h quite it a bit to t consider. id

ď śThe best manual wheelchairs are durable and strong and come from one of the many reputed manufacturers in the market,, like Colours and Keen. ď śAside from these items, the best wheelchair options p are the ones that offer the features that best suit your lifestyle and your unique set of needs.

ď śColours wheelchairs are sold by a number of different suppliers of home medical equipment, and are reputed for their q quality y of construction and their usability. p for example, p is a ď śThe Standard Eclipse, long frame manual wheelchair that features 0 to 7 degrees of camber in the wheels. h l

ď śCamber is a feature generally found in sports wheelchairs because of the level of control and responsiveness it affords to the user. ď śThe slight camber found in this model gives the user a taste of those features in everyday use. You can find this wheelchair at

ď śAnother great product from Colours is the Tremor. Tremor ď śThis modern chair features FATSO tires, which make the chair look a little unusual but offer supreme handling. This will be the case at home, at work, and at the mall, but also on gravel surfaces and even at the beach.

ď śThis is a great chair for people on the go. If you have no interest in letting your disability slow you down, this product may y be exactly y the wheelchair you y have been looking for. You can find it at ď śIt is also worth noting that Colours wheelchairs, as the name implies come in b i ht vibrant bright, ib t colors, l with ith th the id idea in i mind that your wheelchair should be a statement about your personality, personality not just your disability.

ď śAnother great resource for manual wheelchairs is Keen Mobility. Mobility Keen wheelchairs are designed for strength and durability, y, and there are manual chairs available from Keen for a wide variety of individuals. ď śThe Tilt in Space Orion II is a modern wheelchair that features the ability to tilt up tto 48 degrees. d

ď śThe idea is to give you the best possible range of positioning for optimal comfort comfort. ď śAnother great feature worth noting about this chair is that it comes in 5 different stock sizes to fit almost anyone comfortably y and safely. y

ď śKeen's Bariatric Wheelchair is made specifically for individuals who are dealing with obesity. ď śThe chair has a heavy duty construction of double cross bars for extra strength and support, pp and the seat is wide and deep, with a slight tilt to prevent the individual from slipping out of the chair.

ď śThe weight capacity for this chair is 680 pounds but it is still light enough to fold pounds, and toss in the trunk of your car or the back of y your van.

The Best Manual Wheelchairs are Those that Meet Your Personal Needs