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Thailand Muay Thai

ď śMuay Thai in Thailand is growing more and more popular as time goes by. by ď śThis is mostly because the sport is great for weight loss, but is also good fun and a fantastic form of defense.

ď śFor the effective Muay Thai training program in order to get good result program, result, the training should be done on every other day y basis. The training g session should not be organized every day because it will over use the body and exceed its potential. ď śTraining on alternate day basis will also h l tto recover body help b d muscle l off boxers b to t make sure that they are ready as well as has less chance to get severe injuries for the next training session.

ď śMuay Thai is very unique in terms of having many of weapons and variety of method to attack. ď śCompare to other martial arts such as Karate, Judo and Tekwando, which mainly y use only y hand and feet as major j attacks, Muay Thai is very effective of using all parts of the body equally to attack tt k as well ll as defend. d f d Especially E i ll using i elbows and knees, which have incredible destructive power when they are used correctly.

ď śOriginally, Muay Thai weapons consist of head fists, head, fists elbow elbow, knee and feet. feet ď śEven though using head to attack is not allowed in professional and amateur competitions these days, but you can still learn how to attack by using head for self-defense.

ď śThere are several different perceptions of Muay Thai in Thailand and you will most likely find that there are several ideas that might g either interest y you or make you pee in your pants. y Thai Sensei's ď śNo jjoke, some Muay (Teachers/Trainers) Believe in fanaticism and can sometimes lead to your own d demise. i The Th b bestt Muay M Thai Th i gym to t look l k for is one with a strict Warm-Up plan and immense conditioning training. training

For example: one Muay Thai gym in Aruba hosts a 2-hour Aruba, 2 hour training regime that of which 45 minutes is dedicated to warming g up p and condition training, g, 15 minutes for stretching and flexibility training, 30 minutes for technique training and pads, and then the last part is dedicated to Sparring and/or Circuit training. training http://thailandmuaycamp com/ 

Thailand Muay Thai