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Thailand Camp Review: My Experience on Weight Loss Program in Phuket

ď ś I did a weight loss program and this is my review of Thailand Camp and that program. ď ś ď ś I will start by saying that it was an impressive set up with no expense spared for the facilities and trained international staff and trainers.

 The program began with a 1-on-1 consultation with one of the Thailand Camp weight loss coaches from the United States of America.  She was very nice and helped me with advice and also with extra tips and things that would help me with the program.  She also planned out a diet program based on what i would like to eat and meals that would be healthy for me, taste good, but also help my lose weight.

ď ś The training on the program was absolutely fantastic and ai really am happy that the team was highly trained and really gave me the push and motivation that I needed. really because I have been not working out for so long now and just needed to be pushed into action.

ď ś It wasn't always easy and there were times when I felt like quitting. But I was encouraged and the food tasted very good so that kept me pushing hard in the gym to later be able to reward myself with a delicious dinner. ď ś

ď ś In the 21 days I was at Thailand Camp, I lost over 8 kilos. I think I also put on some lean muscle which has made me look quite toned and athletic. So I am really pleased about the entire trip and have already recommended it to a friend who is suffering with obesity.

Thailand Camp Review My Experience on Weight Loss Program in Phuket