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Tamil Pre-Matrimony Pre Matrimony Traditions and P Practices i

ď śThe Tamil people are a minority group of people who live in the southern tip of India and in the nearby Sri Lanka. They have a very y rich culture that is evident in their traditional wear, numerous rituals and customs and other practices. ď śA Tamil matrimonial ceremony in particular is a massive event filled with t diti traditional l rituals it l and d practices. ti

ď śDespite the progress of India in the fields of science and technology technology, the people are still firmly rooted in their old beliefs and p practices. ď śA Tamil matrimony is just as what you'd expect y p from an Indian wedding. g It is colorful, long, and with a festival-like atmosphere where so many people are i involved l d iin th the celebration. l b ti

ď śConsistent with most Indian weddings, the marriage between two Tamil people is arranged by the parents of the bride and g groom. This is a custom that is still strongly practiced in the state of TamilNadu. ď śIn fact, recent studies in India show that young people are actually in favor of arranged d marriages. i They Th rely l on the th good judgment of their parents when it comes to choosing their life partners. partners

ď śWhen the parents have chosen a potential bride or groom for their son or daughter (they usually look among their circle of family y and friends), ), they y meet with the other set of parents and start discussing the possibility of marriage. ď śIf the two people involved declare themselves to be ready for matrimony, th parents the t will ill then th schedule h d l a meet-up t for the newly intended, either at a temple or the house of the bride-to-be. bride-to-be

ď śThe pair meet and if they still agree to be married to one another another, the parents will then ask for the astrological signs of the intended. ď śThey will consult astrologers to check the compatibility of their son and daughter based on the positions of the planets at their time of birth.

This consultation of the horoscopes is a crucial step in the planning of Tamil matrimonials. This is how the parents find out whether or not their son and daughter are well-suited for each other. There are ten criteria for suitability that will supposedly estimate their compatibility. O Once th parents the t are satisfied ti fi d with ith the th results, the astrologers will then declare the intended couple as suitable for marriage. 

ď śThen comes another important part of the planning: the agreement of the marriage terms. ď śTamil marriages require the uniting families to give dowries and gifts to one another.

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Tamil Pre-Matrimony Traditions and Practices  

The Tamil people are a minority group of people who live in the southern tip of India and in the nearby Sri Lanka. They have a very rich cul...

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