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Social Influence

ď śI heard a story once that perfectly explains what social proof is. is There was this young newlywed who had planned a dinner p party y for her entire family, y, her side and her new husband’s side. y detail planned, p scheduled ď ś She had every and that morning, everything was moving along in perfect swing.

ď śHer husband came into the kitchen just as she was preparing a ham for the oven. He watched her proudly as she prepared p p ap pan for the meat,, and placed p the ham on a cutting board. g knife and cut the ends ď ś She took a large off the ham before placing it in the large pan. After she finished preparing it, she placed l d it in i the th oven and d turned t d towards t d her husband.

“Why did you cut the ends off the ham?” he asked. asked His bride thought about it for a moment, moment then answered, “Well, that’s the way my mother always did it. it.” 

ď ś The husband nodded and went on his way This is a small example of how we way. we, as herd-bound humans, tend to believe that others always y know better about how to do things. But this is not the end of the story. That afternoon, when his inlaws arrived, the young husband pulled his mother-in-law aside and asked her the same question. question

“My mother always did it that way.” Was his mother mother-in-laws in laws response. response  Well, as it happened, Grandma was at this dinner party, party too, too so the young husband made his way straight over to where she was sitting, g his curiousity y really getting the best of him now.  “Hi, Grandma. I have a question for you.” He told her as he sat nearby.  Grandma’s eyes brighten and she said, “Yes, dear?”

“Angela is in the kitchen preparing dinner for us us, and I saw her take a perfectly good ham and slice off both ends… about a couple p of inches from each end. She said that’s the way Mom always did it, so I went and asked mom about it. She said that’s the way you always did it. So, I gotta know, Grandma… why do you slice off the ends of the ham like that? that?”

Grandma looked a bit confused at first, then snickered and said, said “Because Because that that’s s the only way I could get it to fit in the pan! We were p p poor back then and I only y had the one pan. It was a small pan!”

This story illustrates my point that it does not matter whether a thing is right or wrong, If people don’t know what to do about a situation,, they y will always y assume that someone else—almost anyone else—has more knowledge than they do about the situation and will follow their lead.

ď śIt is, unfortunately, a part of herd mentality Inasmuch as I hate to think mentality. that I can be caught up in herd mentality, y, when I consider myself y such a free thinker, the fact is, when in doubt, even I might be tempted to do what everyone else seems to be doing. After f all, it didn’t kill them to do that thing, so it must have some merit. merit

ď śSuch it is with visiting a website and seeing immediate proof that other people think the site has value. As Internet Marketers,, we already y know how to determine that. We look at page rank and page rankings in the search engines and we know how successful f a site is at gathering a following.

ď śBut the average person out there (the one Google is trying to serve), serve) hasn hasn’tt that knowledge and doesn’t realize he has chosen the most p popular p site when he clicks on the first link on the first page of a search engine results page.

And that is exactly why Google invented its PlusOne system, system Facebook it it’s s Like system and Twitter its Follow system. If you land on someone someone’s s Twitter page and find that he has 30,000 followers and another Tweeter has only y 300, what comparisons are you going to make? What assumption to you derive from the f t that fact th t one Facebook F b k profile fil has h 3000 likes and another has only 52?

That is what social influence is doing to the Internet. Internet The comparison between sites, profiles and people is becoming a competition p and y you,, as an Internet Marketer, need a way to get a foothold, a jump start on that journey. All new accounts start out at 0 likes/followers/+1’s.

ď śGetting new followers, etc., is not always easy just at first first, because of that comparison factor I mentioned earlier. As you start out,, you y y will only y have a few numbers, numbers which are not all that impressive. ď śGiven a choice between your site and a site with bigger numbers, the herd mentality t lit iis going i tto ttake k over and d your competition will win out.

So get a jump-stat by getting some real visitors and votes to your site. site Visit today for your packages p g of real followers,, real votes,, and real likes. 100% real human eyes, real human accounts, no bots used. Get More Facebook Fans here:  p

Social Influence  

That is what social influence is doing to the Internet. The comparison between sites, profiles and people is becoming a competition and you,...

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