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Single Mother Career Assistance Programs: The Help You Need To Start Your New Career

ď śSingle mothers launching a new job search need not go it alone alone. There are resources available to help single moms re-enter the workforce or seek a better job to support their children and their household. ď śSingle mother career assistance comes in many forms, from help putting together a successful f l interview i t i wardrobe d b to t writing a great resume to helping match you up with the right jobs. jobs

ď śWalmart, along with Goodwill Industries, has started a great single mother job assistance program entitled “Beyond Jobs.â€? Currently y available in Atlanta,, Los Angeles, Detroit, Boston, and New York City, this program focuses on resume writing and interviewing skills as well as helping single moms seek out jobs for which they are qualified using job boards and the resources available through the program.

ď śThis set of services makes a goal of seeing their clients through from the beginning of the process through a successful hire date. ď śThe New York based Project Jobs is another p program g dedicated to helping p g single moms get to work, focusing on details from the resume to the interview suit it tto th the iinterview t i it itself. lf

ď śThis program has built a vast networking group that it employs to help their clients find jobs in marketable and lucrative industries all across the city y and the surrounding area. ď śInterested moms can apply for services at

ď śFor some single moms, the challenge is not so much finding a job as it is finding a job that will support their families and their households. ď śThe best way to find a competitive job is to have the education or training that will set you apart from the other applicants, but an education is costly time consuming.

Single mother education grants and scholarships are available to help you cover those costs and get yourself into a position that will g p give y you what you y need to succeed. The Jeannette Rankin Foundation Scholarship Program is made available through the Women’s Scholarship Fund and is offered to single mothers over the age of 35. 35

ď śThe goal of this scholarship is to encourage women who are re re-entering entering the workforce to return to school and update p their educations,, making g them more competitive and more geared toward success.

ď śThe Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation for Low Income Mothers and Children is another resource offering financial aid and assistance to single g mothers, specifically those mothers who would not otherwise be able to afford a higher education.

ď śWith the help of education programs like these finances stop being a factor in the these, decision to pursue a new career path. ď śPatsy Mink was a congresswoman who had dedicated her career to encouraging the growth and development of women, and this scholarship fund and foundation has been set up in her honor.

ď śIf you are a single mother considering going back to school and you are unsure where to begin looking for grants and scholarships, p , a great g resource can be found at

Here you can fill out a single application, and you will be matched with scholarship and grant opportunities that match your situation and y your particular p needs. With the help of a clearing house such as this one, y you will not miss out on the ideal resources for your particular situation. 

Single Mother Career Assistance Programs The Help You Need To Start Your New Career  

Single mothers launching a new job search need not go it alone. There are resources available to help single moms re-enter the workforce or...

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