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Selecting SEO Services Roger Stewart roger@internetconsulting g

 Many search engine optimization (seo) companies claim they can rank a site. site But if you listen carefully they never promise ranking p g but instead they y promise activity by backlinking and article writing etc…. That’s not results driven. So you pay and don’t get promised anything. thi In I my opinion i i this thi iis nott the th best business model and to make matters worse no one can promise ranking.

ď ś What’s a business to do, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place because anyone promising to rank your site for any y keyword y is making g a promise p they y can’t necessarily keep and anyone willing to take your money without a promise is not necessarily going to accomplish your goals.

ď śYou are paying in advance for something that can’t can t really be promised promised. You could end up getting ranked 38th for a keyword y and spending p g a lot of money y to get that and we all know that getting ranked on the 3rd page for any keyword is a waste off time.

ď ś Also if you did a google search you would find all manner of tutorials about seo and ranking. If it was that easy‌..then y anyone y could do it and we all know that ranking is more difficult than that and can't be solved with a google search. This is what you find f online.

Don’t even get me started on the companies over in many 3rd world nations that operate seo companies from an internet café’s because they y learned seo via a Google / YouTube search . Everyone is saying, “ we can rank your business, we can drive traffic to your site.” In my experience, that has never been true

ď śAnd let me explain that ranking for a keyword that gets no traffic is easy, easy but ranking for a keyword that is competitive is what p people p are looking g for when they y want to get their business ranked.

 New Top Level Domain : .CO Have you researched the .co co domains? Now it’s important to understand that many .co co's s were purchased almost immediately when the extension was released and the reason why y is because the .co extension is similar to the .com extension and is more respected than the .net, t .org, .me. etc.... t I mean more respected by Google. Internet users have accepted dot co. co

ď ś More and more people are domains for site building building. More and more companies as their main sites or to make a defensive registration. g When you check alexa ranking, more and sites enter the top 1 million and when you check Google trends, more and more terms about .co are searched. ď śS ranking ď śSo ki is i easier i with ith .co and d these th extensions are three times more expensive than .com com's s.

 What we as Internet Consultants Do As an internet consultant we are different because our approach is directly tied to this analogy : It’s important to understand the correlations between the real estate market and the online market.  In the real estate market it’s all about location , location , location, correct?

ď śWell , online that statement is correct as well In the real estate market you want well. your store on the street with the most traffic. ď śOnline a KEYWORD is the street and the number of searches a keyword gets is the street traffic.

Why would you brand your company online with a keyword that does not get any traffic? Well that’s exactly what most companies p do. We consider this the first mistake. p y put p your y store on What we do is simply one of the busiest streets that gets significant amounts of traffic. This can be d done within ithi 3 3months th but b t we’d ’d recommend 6months to allow for saturation. saturation

Here's the thing, we have something that most companies promise but can can'tt achieve and that's ranking , traffic and sales results. TRUST Have you considered your trust level online ? y comes from other sources. Trust only

ď śTRUST CAN NOT COME FROM YOU. ď śSocial Media is Big these days. days We understand that the marketing message has to consistent. consistent We understand that online you have to be everywhere all the time. You have to be an octupus, p but y you aren't an octupus. To succeed online , you have to be , there is no other way to d it do it. W We know k how h to t be b everywhere h all ll the time. We know how to make you into an octupus, octupus how to put you everywhere all the time.

TEST and More TEST We’ve always known how to rank our sites. So because we knew , we figured all of these other seo companies understand many of the basic principles I jjust outlined in this article. Because of the number of domains that we own, we don’t have time to rank all of our sites.

ď śSo I got a wild idea to just pay for a company to rank out sites sites. Easy right ? We figured it was fairly easy to just pay a company p y and they y would rank us because we’ve done it for ourselves. LOL. I've never been more wrong in my life.

ď śWe signed up for about 7 different services to do it it. Not a one succeeded. succeeded ď śReally we thought everyone knew what we knew. knew I wanted to focus on domains and the art I produce, ranking a site and doing g all the keyword y research and statistics and all of that is not something I wanted to do as an artist.

ď śSo after spending a great deal of money trying to buy a solution that I figured was easy I was stunned to realize but ... No one else I've met was able to do what we've done in such a short period of time and not by doing something blackhat or spammy. So my partner and I are only recently waking up to realize that we have this advantage in the market place. place We can do something not many others can and that is to put a site on a busy street quickly.

ď śWho We Are ď śWe are artist and online marketers that offers an online marketing and internet consulting service that is extremely beneficial to most any business online. It doesn’t matter if y you sell shoestrings g , we can help you understand basic concepts that the market place has no id idea off h how to t implement. i l t

My company was ranked 8th after 45 days and ranked #1 60 days after we published the site. We can’t divulge g all of our sites but because I’m a photographer and artist please, understand that is my flagship f site. We get about 20 sales a day on Wall Décor Prints com and will soon be marketing other artist prints.

Currently all the artwork was produced by me me. Our online marketing process has worked every time. We would never promise to rank y p your site nor would we charge for a promise. When we are done , you will say , I can rank my site and I know exactly how to go about doing it. I will know how to set up an online marketing system that will virtually ensure my success in ranking and driving targeted traffic. We won won’tt make you any promises….. You will.

Roger Stewart roger@internetconsulting  W llD  P i t   877-776-7530 301-385-5833

Selecting SEO Services  

Many search engine optimization (seo) companies claim they can rank a site. But if you listen carefully they never promise ranking but inste...

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