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Scott Tucker CBS in the Driver’s Driver s Seat

ď śIt was not that long ago that the American racecar driver first got behind the wheel of racecar that reaches top speeds p of 200 miles p per hour. ď śScott Tucker CBS first got behind the wheel of a racecar at the age g of 48 in the Ferrari Challenge racing series and it was not long after during the 2007 season th t he that h was able bl to t win i his hi first fi t race att Portland International Raceway.

ď śSince his start he has been one to show real talent at an age when many drivers are thinking about retirement, but not Scott he has g gotten behind the wheel and made progress in many of the most famous racing series in the world of auto-sports today. ď śHe has not only shown talent, but broken records d and d become b a championship h i hi driver in a relatively short amount of time which is something that many time, drivers spend years trying to achieve.

ď śMaking Ferrari Racing History ď śThe Ferrari Challenge was the first racing series that Scott Tucker CBS raced in and he has managed to make a name for him in the series and break records in just a few seasons. In 2007 he won his first race in Portland and returned in 2008 to place second in the overall standings.

ď śThe most impressive season for Scott’s career was and remains the 2009 seasons when he broke all odds and became the first driver in the history y to be able to win 10 out of the 13 races. ď śHe has left his mark on the series and has become a championship driver now with the Level 5 Motorsports team that h putt ttogether he th he h will ill continue ti tto b be a legend in this racing series as others try to reach the mark that he has set. set

ď śLe Mans Racing Series ď śScott has also made a name for himself in the many different Le Mans racing series. In the American Le Mans he has seen much success, but since forming the Level 5 Motorsports team he has concentrated more on the world famous 24 Hours du Le Mans.

ď śThe first year of Scott raced in the Le Mans series was in 2010 only to not be able to complete the race, but he returned in 2010 with his Level 5 Motorsports team to win his first pole position and is expected to be back in 2012 with all new cars after f the regulation changes of 2011, so the 2012 race will be more exciting than ever with a whole new playing field. ď ś

Scott Tucker CBS in the Driver Seat  

It was not that long ago that the American racecar driver first got behind the wheel of racecar that reaches top speeds of 200 miles per hou...

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