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Resume Writing with the Free Online Resume Dictionary i i The h Smart Way y to Write Your Resume

ď śWelcome! The Resume Dictionary is simple to use. Power resume writing in three easy steps. ď śOn the left side of the page, you will see a li t off skills list kill and d abilities. biliti S Select l t a category t that matches your purpose.

ď ś1. Determine the skills the employer is seeking

ď śReview the job description, posting, or ad for the skills the employers is seeking and also think about the skills the employer might look for. for

For example: Does the company want a candidate who demonstrates leadership abilities? How about a candidate with excellent technical skills? The job description usually describes the skills desired for the position. You want to know how to write a resume focused on the employer and the job opening.

2. Inventory your skills and choose the Power Words Take an inventory of your skills and abilities. Use the resume skills list and be sure to consider your unconventional resume skills from outside the job. job Click on the related category on the left side of this page to view a list of power words. In the Creative Skills category, for example, p , you y will see words like compose, p , design and construct.

ď śChoose those words that suit your background best. Maybe you composed a musical piece for a Broadway show. Maybe you designed a new building. building Whatever your background, Resume Dictionary has the perfect power words for you. ď śSee how to review your past jobs and turn your work experience into resume experience that turns employers on.

ď ś3. Use the Power Words for Your Resume and Cover Letter ď śWhen you look up a word you will see power words defined, demonstrated in formula, associated with synonyms and other power terms, terms and shown in resume example statements and language. Use the detailed entry with instructions on how to use the word properly.

To write statements of your own, use the examples in the entry as models. As the examples show, your statement should lead to the “conclusion” that you want your potential employer to draw about you To use a slightly different word, you. word check out the synonyms listed in each entry. y Determine your resume objectives here: p // y / 

Resume Writing with the Free Online Resume Dictionary The Smart Way to Write Your Resume