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Replacement Pickup Truck Bed Accessories Are Useful And Stylish

ď śChances are good that when you decided to buy a pickup, it is at least in part because of the bed.

ď śReplacement pickup truck bed accessories help you take care of the bed of your truck and all of the cargo and belongings that go in it.

Your truck came with a tailgate, which probably means you may have never thought about purchasing an aftermarket tailgate to replace it. it Your truck Y t k may nott have h come with ith a bed b d cover, but the convenience of owning one far outweighs the chances you take by not having one.

ď śSome aftermarket tailgates actually offer far more by way of advantages than the tailgate that came on your truck probably ever did. did ď śThe CustomFlow Elite Series Louvered Tailgate for example Tailgate, example, was designed with louvers that make it particularly attractive and unique. However, this is only a small portion of what this tailgate can do for your truck.

ď śThe openings in the tailgate allow air to flow freely through, while traditional tailgates are solid and block wind. By allowing the wind to flow through it it, this tailgate allows you to enjoy a heightened performance level from your pickup truck. truck ď śWith no wind block, there is less mass holding the truck back and you will greatly improve your gas mileage. You can buy this at

The Turbo Net Pickup Pickup Truck Tailgate Net takes the idea of air flow to a new level. Made from coated vinyl, this is a durable tailgate that is full of holes through which air can flow. Additionally because it is made of vinyl Additionally, and not steel, it is far less expensive to purchase. It installs easily, and one size will fit most trucks.

ď śOnce you have found the right pickup truck tailgate for you, you will want to add a pickup truck bed cover. ď śThese covers lie flat across the top of the t truck kb bed. d You Y may choose h a hard h d cover or a soft one, a retractable cover or a tri fold one. one

ď śWhichever choice you make, you will be protecting your cargo, tools, and whatever else you might be carrying from prospective thieves and all the nasty elements the weather throws at your truck. truck ď ś

ď śThe Pace Edwards Jack Rabbit Roll-Top Tonneau Cover, sold at, is a lightweight cover made of weather resistant vinyl polymer. polymer ď śIt is i a soft,pliable, ft li bl lightweight li ht i ht cover th thatt retracts manually when needed.

The entire cover retracts into an unassuming canister that is to be installed in the front of the bed of your truck. It is easy to install and easy to use, and it effectively ff ti l keeps k the th contents t t off your truck bed safe from moisture, damaging sunlight and would be thieves sunlight, thieves. 

If you would prefer a hard bed cover, you will love the Extang Solid Fold Tri Fold Tonneau Bed Cover, found at This bed cover folds at three joints joints, easily opening onto itself. The cover is made of aircraft grade aluminum, which is extremely durable and surprisingly lightweight. When closed, it seals over your truck bed to keep out moisture and other elements. 

Replacement Pickup Truck Bed Accessories Are Useful And Stylish  

Chances are good that when you decided to buy a pickup, it is at least in part because of the bed. Replacement pickup truck bed accessories...

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