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Remember Your Past, Enjoy Your Present

ď śLearning about their past lives is of great interest to many people and always has been. Many individuals want to learn purely p y out of curiosity, y, but the fact remains that you can change your life for the better by using it. ď śMany religions are strong in their belief of a past life or lives.

ď śBut how many of us are interested in knowing about our past lives in order to make a positive change in our present lives? ď śFor most people their previous life is nothing more than a passing curiosity. They may not realize that past life regression therapy has helped many change their lives for the better.

ď śResearch has shown that Past Life Regression yields good results in the treatment of emotional problems. ď śThere is no doubt that you can make a positive change in your life by remembering about past life and the bad experiences you had in that time period..

ď śThe learning of your past lives requires you to go to a hypnotist who specializes in Past Life Regression. Self-hypnosis is another way, y, and there are also other useful things as well. g simple p affirmations helps p the ď śPracticing subconscious mind to prepare to accept and allow you to remember your past li lives. The Th normall thing thi for f your mind i d to t do is block out these memories.

ď śThere are some things you need to understand before you decide to use Past Life Regression. ď śThe past is hidden in the present. Therefore it influences the latter. Past Life Regression jogs past memories and brings them forefront.

ď śSimply establishing the knowledge of a past life is not our aim aim. Instead, Instead we need to use the information we can gather in order to make changes g to this current life. ď śBeing able to learn from mistakes made in a past life can by all means help you to avoid making similar mistakes all over again in this life.

ď śYou will be able to benefit from Past Life Regression whether you believe in reincarnation or not. You may think you are imagining g g the memories of y your past p live, either way you will learn from it. You can change your behavior and avoid mistakes by seeing the mistakes off the past.There are two reason for using Past Life Regression even though you may or may not believe in it. The experts believe the following are two main reasons to do this.

ď ś*If you make a positive change in your life due to your experience with Past Life Regression then this is due to the fact that what y you experienced p was a past p life memory. ď ś*Apart from the issue of believing in past life experiences, Past Life Regression sessions can very often lead to beneficial results by clearing away mental clutter within one's mind. mind

What can you expect in benefits from Past Life Regression? *Our present life is often influenced through emotional upsets of a past life and Past Life Regression effectively heals those old injuries. *You will find you are able to make decisions and to think more clearly. y

ď ś*If you have hurt someone or perpetrated some injustice against another person and suffered the consequences. q You can change g this. Remembering these things will help you not repeat these injustices in your present life f changing how you act.

ď ś*Somewhere, locked inside one's subconscious there are gifts or special subconscious, talents which you learnt in a past life and in all p probability, y, you y may y very y well be able to use these in this life and if so, then Past Life Regression will make this possible.

ď ś*Understanding the past life experiences answers a lot of burning questions about one's attributes, personality, characteristics,, etc. in the present p life. ď śPast life regression, therapy is a good thing g no matter if y you believe in it or not. If you would like to truly change your life it is certainly worth a shot, don't you thi k? think? ď ś

Remember Your Past Enjoy Your Present  

Learning about their past lives is of great interest to many people and always has been. Many individuals want to learn purely out of curios...

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