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Power Wheelchairs from Hoveround and Pride Mobility Give You Freedom to be Active

ď śThere are many different manual wheelchairs on the market, but for some, the strength and energy needed to propel a manual wheelchair wheelchair, no matter how well designed, is simply too much. ď śIt is for these individuals that manufacturers like Pride Mobility and Hoveround manufacture power chairs.

ď śYou will find as you set out to choose a chair that there are as many varieties of power chairs as there are manual chairs, and finding the best power wheelchair might seem almost impossible. One idea is to limit your search to just a couple of manufacturers.

Pride Mobility specializes in power wheelchairs and scooters, offering a wide selection of chairs that meet a variety of different needs and priorities priorities. The Go-Chair Travel Power Chair, for example is designed for comfort, example, comfort style, style and performance. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds and can move up to 3 ½ miles per hour.

ď śIt has a battery range of about 8 miles, and the seat is a comfortable 18 inches wide and 18 inches deep. This is a great product for moving about your home home, the mall, work, or even the zoo. It can be found at allegromedical com

ď śAnother one of the Pride Mobility wheelchairs is the Jazzy Select 6 Ultra Power Wheelchair, with its patented Active Trac suspension that provides a more responsive vehicle. ď śThe chair is controlled from a 6-key 6 key programmable controller so the user is in complete control at all times.

ď śThe seat can be ordered in your choice of widths, from 23 to 27 inches, and these seats were designed for optimal comfort. ď śIf you require a wheelchair at all times, thi advanced this d d wheelchair h l h i might i ht be b worth th the investment.

ď śHoveround wheelchairs are popular due to their rounded, modern look, as well as their reputation for quality and durability. The Hoveround MPV5 MPV5, for example example, is crafted with an attractive contemporary look while the rounded corners also look, protect walls, cabinets, and moldings. ď śThe wheelchair is lightweight for a power chair, with a folding seat that makes it easy to pack it into a camper or van when you wish to be on the road.

ď śOne great option for this is the six foot power lift that gives you easy access to your counter tops, the upper shelves at the grocery store, store or any other height that needs to be reached. ď śYou can find this product at

ď śThe Hoveround Teknique HD6 gives all the style and engineering advancements to the individuals who are dealing with obesity. obesity ď ś This is a bariatric product with a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds. pounds The heavy duty construction and tandem double rear wheels provide added support and stability, making it safe and comfortable for bariatric patients.

ď śAnother feature that makes this such a convenient chair to have is the portable battery charger. Take it with you and you never need to worry about getting home before the battery goes dead. With this charger you can recharge your charger, Hoveround wheelchair from anywhere you have access to an electrical outlet. ď ś p // p y

Power Wheelchairs from Hoveround and Pride Mobility Give You Freedom to be Active