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Portable Washing Machines Comparison

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ď śPeople are often pressed for time that it is often difficult to manage the laundry chore daily. However, thanks to the invention of automated washing g machines, hand-washing clothes is a thing of the past! You’d be surprise to know that portable washing machines are not a modern innovation and that it goes way back to the late 17th century. century However, it wasn’t until much recently that portable washing machine became affordable for the average man.

ď śIndividuals typically opt to take a trip to the laundromat since hand washing is definitely not an option for most people and p purchasing gap portable washing g machine may not be economical for a lone dweller with limited financial capability and cramped living space. ď śThese concerns are definitely a thing of th pastt with the ith the th prevalence l off portable t bl washing machine available to cater to your changing needs. needs

ď śThe Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1 cu. ft. Portable Washer is the perfect companion for college students, lone dwellers or newly y married couple. p ď śThis portable washing machine can operate p a maximum of six-pound p load per cycle and could handle five shirts along with around 2-3 pairs of pants and also l manage d delicate li t it items lik like underwears and socks.

ď śThe Haier HLP23E Pulsator Top-Loading Portable Washing Machine Machine, the Haier XQJ50-31 Agitator 1-2/3 Cubic Foot Portable Washer and the Avanti Portable Small Washing Machine are perfect options for small sized household of 3-4 members. ď śThese portable washing machines can operate t approximately i t l tten pounds d off load at a given time and its compact design makes it ideal for individuals with limited space.

These portable washing machines are all top-loaded top loaded which makes them less prone to leakage as opposed to front-loaders and they y also require q less maintenance compared to its front-load counterpart. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of each model’s features and specifications to help you on your way



Quick‐ Connect System

Haier HLP23E

1.5 cubic ft.


H i HLP21N Haier HLP21N

1 bi f 1 cubic ft.

Y Yes

Haier XQJ50‐ 31 3

Avanti Portable

1.67 cubic ft.

1.76 cubic ft.



Programs and Settings

Other Features

4 wash  Auto shut  y cycles, 4  off, leveling  ff l li water level  legs,  option, 6  detergent  programs  dispenser,  with end of  lint and  cycle and LED cycle and LED  water filter  indicator 3 water level,  3 wash cycles  with end of  Battery Battery  cycle and LED  operated indicator 3 water level;  4 wash  Adjustable  cycles, 3  leveling legs,  temperature  bleach and  option with  fabric  delay start delay start  f softener  option, cycle  dispenser,  status and  lint filter LED indicator  Multiple  Multiple water level  settings and  wash cycles

Lint filter,  Lint filter bleach and  fabric  softener  dispenser

ď śReview ď ś These portable washing machines all got equal 4 out of 5 stars on its Amazon reviews It is primarily praised for its reviews. compact design, affordable price, efficiency y and effectivity. y

One user noted that his Haier HLP23E Pulsator Top Top-Loading Loading Portable Washing Machine is blissfully quiet and able to handle a decent size load and still be economical. However, one user commented that the instruction manual could be better as it had two distinct instructions for loading alone. l

ď śMany Amazon users noted that their Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1 cu cu. ft ft. Portable Washer was easy to assemble and they find their clothes thoroughly g y washed and spun dry. ď śHowever, more than one user would comment that their units would malfunction due the water level sensor error, which hi h caused d th the unit it to t nott work. k One user even discovered an incorrect stock water level sensor part on his unit. unit

ď śThe Haier XQJ50-31 Agitator 1-2/3 Cubic Foot Portable Washer is commended for its efficient cycles able to wash delicate items p properly p y and effective washing g cycles. A lot of reviews noted that they have encountered little or no problem with their units. However, one review noted that the customer service kept giving them the runaround when the unit malfunctioned while another reviewer commented that clothes never comes out clean.

One user praised the Avanti Portable Small Washing Machine to be the next best thing, if coupled with Avanti Portable Dryer, y , to an industrial washing g machine. However, another user commented that his unit would no longer drain water properly after six months while another user commented t d that th t it started t t d leaking l ki att the back from the start and after a year, the unit would fail to start the rinse cycle.

Each of these models have their good and bad reviews however, however in picking the best one for you, choose the one with the bad reviews that y you can live with instead of checking which one had the most positive reviews. Visit our site and read in depth consumer reviews on the best washers and dryers  http // best ashe andd e e ie s com

Portable Washing Machines Comparison  

People are often pressed for time that it is often difficult to manage the laundry chore daily. However, thanks to the invention of automat...

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