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Nurse Practitioner Salary

ď śNurses are indispensable and therefore there are always openings in this field. Nurse is a general term though, covering many types of medical care responsibilities. ď śA nurse performs a variety of duties and g work from almost all medical settings.

ď śThe level of education and licensure therefore distinguishes various types of nurses such as Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Nurse Practitioner or Advance Practice Nurse. The scope of work & the Nurse Practitioner Salary (practical nurse salary)of each are different and vary based on the specialty or medical setting.

ď śOf all the nurses, Nurse Practitioner is the most highly educated and highest paid too. This is because they have advance education in their fields, with a masters’ degree & specializations similar to doctors. ď śNurse practitioners serve as primary and p y care p providers,, p providing g a blend specialty of nursing and healthcare services to patients and families. p

ď śThey practice on their own & can diagnose and treat patients just like Physicians. ď śSome of the specialty areas for nurse practitioners are family practice practice, adult practice, women’s health, pediatrics, acute care and geriatrics care, geriatrics.

ď śA Nurse Practitioners salary is around $85000, and the range is about $60000 to $90000. ď ś The earnings vary based on the specialty specialty, for example a specialization in Neonatal, Obstetrics & Gynecology Gynecology, Cardiology or Surgery will give you a higher pay.

Approximate Annual Nurse Practitioner Salary by Specialty: Emergency: e ge cy $95000 Neonatal: $94000 Surgery: $87000 Gynecology: $85000 Gerontology: $84000 Mental Health: $83000 $

Pediatric: $80000 Family practice: $79000 W Women’s ’ h health: l h $78000

ď śA starting Nurse Practitioner Salary is about $58000 to $60000. ď śThe salary not only varies by specialty, but also by location and the industry where you choose to practice.

ď śUltimately, becoming a Nurse Practitioner is one of the best profiles in the medical field, since you earn very well and perform tasks like that of a doctor. ď śThis job is a very stable one and you can build a career for a lifetime in this role!

ď śThe medical field in the US and world over has become one of the largest and rapidly growing job sectors, considering the need for the best health care facilities required today. ď śOne reason is the globalization which people p traveling g the world over on means p work, so they want the best medical care y are away! y for their families while they

ď śThanks to advanced technology, the average life span of man has increased due to which the elderly require more care. ď śOne more important factor is the overall decline in general health of all age-groups of people, people due to the unhealthy and stressful lifestyles nowadays.

ď śThese have led to the surge in healthcare facilities, especially when it comes to nursing.

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Nurse Practitioner Salary  

Nurses are indispensable and therefore there are always openings in this field. Nurse is a general term though, covering many types of medic...

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