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Now Discover The Different Types Of Creatine

If you have heard about the benefits of creatine and how it can help you improve strength and muscle mass, you are probable wanting p g to add it to y your workout routine. Thousands and thousands of bodybuilders around the world use this supplement regularly and with great results. B t how But h do d you k know which hi h types t off creatine you should get?

There are a number of different forms on the market today. today The four main types include – creatine monohydrate, creatine citrate,, creatine p phosphate p and creatine ethyl ester. yp Let’s take a look at these different types of creatine!

Creatine Monohydrate This is probably the most popular choice amongst bodybuilders and athletes today It is basically creatine bound with today. water. One gram of creatine monohydrate y is made up p of 880 milligrams of creatine and 120 milligrams water. Another way to put it is that every amount of creatine monohydrate you put in your body is 88% creatine and 12% water.

It is this type of creatine that the majority of scientific studies have been carried out on. Creatine Citrate This type of creatine was once extremely popular due to the fact that it is more water soluble than the other types. This means that it dissolves better when mixed. Although it is more expensive than its monohydrate counterpart, it only contains 400 milligrams of creatine per gram.

ď śCreatine Phosphate ď śAnother of the types of creatine is phosphate. It has to become creatine phosphate to be effective in the body, body but taking this supplement directly, does not make it any y better. Again g it is more expensive than monohydrate, but only provides 623 milligrams of creatine per gram.

Creatine Esters This form comes from creatine monohydrate which has been esterified with either ethanol or alcohol methanol. methanol Once absorbed by the body, creatine esters will split into creatine and either ethanol or methanol. This breakdown happens before it reaches the muscles.

ď śThis type of creatine can lead to improved absorption and less water retention than the other types of creatine;; however,, methanol is highly g y toxic and can put a strain on the liver and also cause damage to the nervous system. ď śThere are no studies to back up the effectiveness ff ti off this thi type t and d no advantages have been found over the monohydrate form. form

So Is Monohydrate The Best One To Take? Not necessarily, everyone has a different metabolism and genetic profile and this means that each person may respond differently y to different types yp of creatine. It is not just down to how much creatine each form contains, it is also important how the body absorbs it.

ď śSome claims state that the citrate form has a 90% absorption rate, rate while monohydrate has 40%. This means that although g the citrate form has less creatine per gram, more of it is absorbed into the body.

ď śAlmost all scientific studies have used monohydrate as the source for the tests and this is why it is the more popular choice amongst g bodybuilders y today! y ď śFind the best creatine supplements and read more supplements pp reviews here: ď ś p pp

Now Discover The Different Types Of Creatine  

If you have heard about the benefits of creatine and how it can help you improve strength and muscle mass, you are probable wanting to add i...

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