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No! No! Hair removal – Rip Off or Roaring S Success? ?

Have you heard about the man who saw an advertisement for a revolutionary set of weights have would help tone and build his muscles like nothing g else could? He paid for these “weights” over the Internet and two weeks after he p paid, he received a huge parcel in the mailwithout two heavy rocks inside it. Now, l di and ladies d gentlemen tl th that’s t’ what h t you call ll a scam.

ď śSome people simply want to make money and will stoop to any level to do so. The manufacturers of No! No! Hair removal system y on the other hand are as genuine as could possibly be. y have so much faith in their p product ď śThey that they are offering a 60 day trial to any other that is interested, this means you use the th product d t over two t months th and if you’re not satisfied with its finish and results results, you can return it and have your money refunded.

ď śThe manufacturers of, the No! No! Hair removal system state that the device is the result of a smart innovation- They fashioned a thermodynamic y wire to transmit a increased heat from the bulbs of the hair to the root of the hair follicles.

ď śThe No! No uses scientific principles having to do with transference iso that it can conduct a heat pulse. ď śThis system that incorporates the patented thermodynamic wire and attached safety y mechanisms fully y safe, meaning you can remove hair in the safety of your home without being supervised i db by a beautician b ti i or a doctor. d t

ď śAvailable in black, pink and silver shades it has a slim, slim easy to hold body and it is designed for completely simple use. It has it detachable thermicon tips, p , that are either meant to be used on either short hair or longer hair. ď śThe first thing to do is to pick the appropriate thermicon tip and attach it to th device the d i which hi h is i battery b tt operated, t d which means you are no longer restrained by the irritating wires attached to plug points.

Once the tip has been fixed onto the device all you have to do is take the device, device gently over your hair, the same way y you y would a razor or epilator. p You should it at a slow, steady pace so that y you don’t miss hair and overdo it in a particular spot and inadvertently hurt yourself.

ď śThis device is has a convenient LCD screen that basically alerts you to the status of you battery life, the condition of the thermicon tip p that y you are using g as well as letting you know if you are using the device correctly. ď śIf you are performing the procedure in the right manner, the green light will remain i steady t d b butt will ill start t t flickering fli k i if you are start making errors.

The functioning behind the system is a heat pulse that works to remove the hair, hair which deposits a crystal remnant at the place where the hair follicle has burnt off p and you can use exfoliants or moisturises to remove this you will find you skin smooth and silky. Use it and then you will realise the No! N ! Hair No! H i removall system t is i nott a rip i off ff at all, instead it’s a hair raising success story. story

No more messing around with chemicals and acids that are used when you bleach your hair, No more dirtying fingers with the melted wax that we have to rub all over the body when we have to wax or being at risk of electrocution, thanks to the wires we have to deal with while using an epilator or a shaver, this system is fuss-free fuss free and fun to use use, so go ahead… ahead give it a try. Read more about Silk n Sensepil here: 

No No Hair removal Rip Off or Roaring Success  

The manufacturers of No No Hair removal system on the other hand are as genuine as could possibly be.They have so much faith in their produc...

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