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Medline and Invacare Offer Advanced Innovations in Contemporary Wheelchairs

Once upon a time, there were just a few wheelchairs from which to choose, and they were pretty much alike. Now there are so many wheelchairs on the market, market it has become difficult to determine exactly which wheelchairs are the best wheelchairs and which will best suit your needs. Of course, you first step is to decide which manufacturers and which suppliers you trust the most.

ď śYou will find in your searches that certain manufacturers are highly trusted in their industry; two of these are Invacare and Medline. Medline ď śThey are both reputed for developing and distributing wheelchairs that have been engineered to meet the unique needs of their customers, at prices that are reasonable and fair.

ď śThere are plenty of Invacare wheelchairs from which to choose; some are manual models and some are power wheelchairs. The Invacare Comet Pediatric Wheelchair is designed specifically to meet the needs of children with disabilities or special needs. ď śThis versatile chair can be configured to be front or rear facing, which is a great feature for younger children, and it has a mini tilt feature for comfort and convenience.

ď śIt comes in a number of size options because, of course, children come in so many sizes. ď śThis chair includes a growth package that gives you the option to trade your chair in for a larger one when your child grows and develops. This modern, innovative product is available at

ď śThe Invacare Top Performance Sports Wheelchair is designed for those who simply will not be slowed down by their disability. disability ď śAdjustable seat heights at the front and rear and adjustable recessed foot rests rear, allow you to configure the most comfortable stance from which you can also enjoy optimal control when playing competitive sports.

ď śThe 100% aluminum frame is lightweight but durable enough to withstand the impact of various games. ď śYou, the consumer, decide on your choice of wheel size and degree of camber. You can buy this product at sportaid com

ď śOne of the most durable, heavy duty wheelchairs on the market is the Medline Excel K1 Basic Wheelchair. This manual wheelchair features a diamond graphite coated steel frame. ď śWhile it is a basic chair, chair it is made to be comfortable and safe, and the frame is covered by a lifetime warranty.

ď śPlastic arm rests and leg rests are ultra durable and padded for extra comfort. You can shop for this product at safehomeproducts com ď śIt is a favorite among those looking for a reasonably priced wheelchair that is durable and reliable.

Medline wheelchairs are known for innovation, like the Medline Translator, which is a hybrid of a wheelchair and a “rollator ” The wheelchair is 19 inches “rollator.” wide and 16 inches deep, and the leg rests can be adjusted with a push of a button. With a simple flip, it becomes a walker of sorts, on wheels with a built in seat where you can stop and rest whenever necessary.

ď śThis is a great product to encourage you to move around and get exercise, which is good for circulation, as well as kidney and bladder function function, without the risk of over extending yourself. With this product, you will always have the support and assistance you need. This product is available at p y ď ś p // p y

Medline and Invacare Offer Advanced Innovations in Contemporary Wheelchairs