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Medical Financial Assistance Programs Fill In Gaps Left By Y Your Health H l h Insurance

It is very important to have health insurance to cover yourself and your family. However, when faced with long term medical issues in y your household,, today’s health insurance policies do not quite make the grade. Many policies no longer include prescription coverage, and medication can costt up to t $200.00 $200 00 per prescription. i ti

ď śIf this is a medication you must buy every month month, your budget will need a major adjustment to make that happen. ď śFamilies with children with special needs will also have plenty of needs that likely will not be covered. These include durable medical equipment, some prescriptions, and many forms of therapy. th

ď śThere are options, however. Medical financial assistance exists specifically to help with issues such as these. Prescription p medication financial assistance takes several forms. g Rx Access Card, for ď śThe Together example, is a discount card you can obtain for free when you do not have prescription i ti coverage.

ď śThis card will get you 80% off of most prescriptions an invaluable benefit if you prescriptions, or a family member is using medication daily y for a chronic condition. ď śYou can learn more about this card and how to get one at

ď śCancer patients are often hit the hardest when it comes to the price of prescription medications. Even if they have prescription p p co-pays, p y , there are so many y medications, and co-pays will add up. ď śThe American Cancer Association has a program that will issue grants to cover the cost of these medications.

ď śThe idea is to reduce stress on the family and ensure that the patient is getting the medication he needs. ď śIf you or a loved one is in this situation, you can find out more at

If you have a child with special needs, you know of the ongoing stress that is involved with caring for your child around the clock. Of course, you don’t don t begrudge your child your time, but the expenses get out of control as well.

You child may need a special wheel chair, accessories for the chair like a head rest, rest chin rest, or leg guards, and so on. Very often, these items are not covered by your health insurance, but they are very important to your child’s comfort and well being.

ď śThe Disabled Children’s Relief Fund is another excellent resource for financial assistance for special needs children. This organization g strives to p provide durable medical equipment like hearing aids, walkers, and orthopedic equipment, as well as paying for f important therapy when your insurance will not.

They focus on children with Down’s Syndrome cerebral palsy, Syndrome, palsy and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as other chronic disabilities common to children.  p

Medical Financial Assistance Programs Fill In Gaps Left By Your Health Insurance