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Lower Abdominal Pain after Running

ď śIt is possible that the main reason why you run is because you would like to keep your body fit and healthy. A lot of people actually like running because they like the adrenaline rush that goes with it. ď śThey appreciate the wind on their hair especially when they are running fast but there are also times when all those things are not appreciated anymore because of getting stomach pains after running.

Studies show that people who run normally experience certain types of abdominal pain. For instance, there are some who experience pain because of stomach cramps. Some were able to ‘pull’ their abdominal muscles and that is the reason why people are experiencing pain.

ď śThere are also times when people get lower abdominal pain after running because they have other health conditions that are not yet being addressed. ď ś In case of other health conditions, no matter how serious it is, consulting your doctor about it at the soonest possible time will help you out a lot.

ď śIn case you would like to know the other possible reasons why people develop lower abdominal pain after running, here are some things that may cause this condition:

Stomach Cramps – Stomach cramps are also known as side stitches. This usually happens because the muscles are not getting enough oxygen while running. More often than not, people only take short, sharp breaths when they are running and these are not enough to satisfy people’s abdominal muscles. Breathe correctly and you will see and feel the difference.

ď śIn order to avoid stomach cramps, remember that you would have to consume just the right amount of water before you start running. Some people exaggerate this and take too much water. ď śThis is not recommended too because it can make running uncomfortable especially when you can hear the water bouncing around in your abdomen.

ď śClothing – You might think that this is a weird factor that can contribute to lower abdominal pain after running but there is a reason why there are some clothes that are made specifically for people who run. It is to make sure that they will feel comfortable. If you would not like to spend too much money on running clothes, you can dress yourself in comfortable clothing every time you decide to run.

Remember that you should avoid wearing tight fitting clothes, belts and other accessories because these things will not only hinder you from running, they can be dangerous too when you are moving around.

ď śBeing Dehydrated – This has already been mentioned above, there are instances when people feel dehydrated and because of this, they feel too faint to continue with running anymore. You have to remember that aside from food, you can consume water to be like your form of fuel. Not having enough water in your system might make you feel a bit dizzy. Remember that water can also have a lot of good effects for the body and you should consume it at all costs.

ď śReduced Blood Flow – You have to remember that when you are running, you are moving up and down and the pressure that it causes your body can sometimes be hard for your abdomen to take. During running, blood usually flows to the muscles and not to the abdomen which can make it hurt during the run especially if you are not breathing properly.

ď śImproper Diet – There is a possibility that before you did running, you either ate too much or too little food. Eating too much food can make it hard for your body because it has a lot of things to digest. It can also make your stomach feel uncomfortable while running. Eating too little can also be bad because you will get tired easily and you will not have that much energy to go on and complete your run.

ď śRead more info about lower abdominal pain treatment click here. ď śWe all have to remember that people run because of the many benefits that it can give us. If you think about it, it is the perfect exercise that can give us the cardiovascular exercise that we need especially since we need to do cardio about 30 minutes every day to ensure that we will have a healthy body. We still need other exercises every day but cardio is very basic.

ď śThrough the different things that are causing pain when we run, hopefully you would know now what things you should do and what are the things that you should avoid to lessen the feeling of lower abdominal pain after running. ď ś

Lower abdominal pain after running  

A lot of people actually like running because they like the adrenaline rush that goes with it. They appreciate the wind on their hair especi...

Lower abdominal pain after running  

A lot of people actually like running because they like the adrenaline rush that goes with it. They appreciate the wind on their hair especi...