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Looking to start your own concierge b i business

ď śAre you looking to start up a personal concierge business, business but after hours of research, you still have unanswered questions? Well,, you’ve q y come to the right place. provide g great ď śWhile our main focus is to p service to our clients and take care of our own business, we realize that there are many entrepreneurs t outt th there just j t like lik you that would like to be doing the same and are dreaming of start your own concierge business.

We all know time is money and while we would like to be able to answer every budding entrepeanur’s questions for free, we jjust don’t have the time to do so. As such, we do offer phone consultations for an hourly fee of $45.00.

ď śTime is billed for a one hour minimum and then billed in 15 min min. increments thereafter. To set up a phone consultation with the owner and operator p of The Go To Gals, please contact us at (303) 570-7774 and we will be happy to calendar a time to answer all your questions.

Some of your questions might be: 1 Can I really make a living at this? 1. 2. What type of insurance do I need to have? 3. How do I market this type of business in my town? 4. How do I compete with other concierge companies out there?

5. How do I put together a website that will be seen by people around the world? 6. How much does it cost to start up a business like this? 7. What type of marketing materials do I need besides a business card?

8. How do I structure my pricing? 9 How do I bill my clients and get paid 9. in a timely manner? 10 What types of contracts will I need 10. for my clients? 11 And much more! 11.

There are many people entering this field believing it it’s s easy, easy quick and of little to no cost to begin. All of which are incorrect. There are many that start and many that fail because they don’t have the skill set, proper policies and procedures in place nor do they understand how to reach their target market. 
Don’t let this be you. you

We are here to help you answer some important questions and to help you set up a solid foundation so that you can succeed! Before submitting gp payment, y , please call to schedule an appointment with Teresa at (303) 570-7774. Learn how to Start Your Own Errand Service : 

Looking to start your own concierge business  

Are you looking to start up a personal concierge business, but after hours of research, you still have unanswered questions?   Well, youve c...

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