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Looking g For Online Home Based Business Opportunity?

ď śThe biggest mistake that I have made is to miss out on online home based business opportunity. ď śThis mistake was that I did not understand that it takes time to start a business and especially as it as a real online home based business opportunity.

ď śI was introduced to a guy by the name of Paul Birdsall to participate in a in one opportunity at that time it was called Plug g Into Green Profits I g got to learn the process and started doing all the things that I needed doing. ď śI attended webinars and courses on the Internet to understand what I needed to d Thi do. This was a greatt online li h home b based d opportunity but I regret that I missed out on it. it

ď śI also started advertising in all sort of media without proper thought to what I was doing. ď śI was sending quite a lot of time and money while I was doing this and found that I was spending too much money in advertising and started getting upset as webinars got cancelled and my ads did not get me any results.

ď śSo what did I do? I missed out on the opportunity by getting upset with my self and what I was doing. I was also in touch with other p people p that were also in this online home based business opportunity.

ď śThese people were also negative like me and as a result I stopped doing the things that I needed to do with this opportunity pp y and stopped pp learning g the system that I had to use for this business opportunity. ď śI compounded my mistake by quitting what I was doing stopped learning and wasted t d a lot l t off time. ti

ď śThe mistake I made was to think that I would be able to generate income over night and did not realize that there is a lot of learning g understanding g and applying the methods and principles to make a success of it. ď śAs I said I quit and wasted a lot of time and effort looking for any other business opportunity t it without ith t realizing li i th thatt th the learning has to come first and that it was going to take time to make money. money

ď śAfter 2 years I was again looking for an opportunity and came across Paul again and started learning from him again. ď śI now realize that I wasted two years and also lot of time and money that could have saved if I had stayed y and doing g what I needed to do.

ď śI hope that if you find a real online home based business opportunity you do not do what I did and waste a lot of time and money y like I did.

ď śI have now started with my opportunity and have written few posts that have got to high rankings on Goggle and I am now on my y way y to making g money y so when you are looking for an opportunity a please remember not to make the same mistake that I made. This online opportunity was a nugget that I did not see and hope that by seeing it you will profit from it. ď ś

Looking For Online Home Based Business Opportunity