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Long Term Business Goals Are You On Track?

ď śOver the course of running a home business it it's s very easy to lose track of your long-term business goals. Some of the best p parts of any y good g plan p are the goals and rewards you set for yourself. ď śIf you spend some time working on getting clear goals then you will go into your business with a much better sense of what you're trying to accomplish.

ď śWhat you have to be on the look out far is before you know it the day-to-day is, day to day minutia gets in the way of accomplishing your goals. y g All of a sudden it's a couple p years down the road and you're just running your business without a clear sense off direction. ď śI can speak from experience on this one.

ď śDon't let that happen to you. Every once in a while, while take a step back from running your business and look at it from a bird's eye y view. Ask yourself: y Am I on track to my long-term goals? your goals g for different ď śWrite down y lengths, such as short, medium, and long-term. Always set goals that make you stretch t t h but b t are reachable. h bl Your Y long l terms goals should be big and get you excited. excited

I am now setting daily tasks, along with my weekly weekly, monthly and yearly goals. goals I also have my long term goals (5 years out)) written down in my y journal. j I should read my long term goals daily but honestly I don't. Where Do You Want to Be in 5 Years? The time to start planning for your 5year goals is today. Most of life's difficult goals don't happen over the course of a year but over a decade year, decade. Plan for it today if you want to see it happen by then.

ď śSo start by figuring out where you want to be in 5 years. years ď śDo you want to have a family? If so, how much security would you need to support them?

ď śDo you want to be a millionaire? If so, do you plan on achieving this through income or through an exit strategy? If it's the latter,, do you y have a solid exit strategy? you want enough g passive p income to ď śDo y not work anymore? If so, do you have a plan on how to create or acquire those i income-producing d i assets? t ?

Your long range plans should excite you every time you look at them them. If they don't you need to make them bigger or figure g out what does excite y you. One Year Goals Are A Must It's It s also important that you have a good sense of what your one-year goals are. One-year goals are much more tangible than 5-year goals and you can clearly see whether or not you're on track.

ď śThey can also be more motivating than 5-year 5 year goals. goals If you double your income in one year, that's a very tangible benefit that y you get g to enjoy j y right g away, y, much more so than passive income in 5 years' time.

ď śSet Monthly And Weekly Goals ď śThese goals can be in the form of traffic to your blog, in the form of sales, in the form of new customers, customers in the form of new email subscribers or in the form of anything y g that makes sense to your y business.

ď śIdeally, you should have no more than three key goals per week week. Some people elect 3 tasks to get done each day. If you are working g on y your business part p time you may only want to set one main task per day that will ultimately help you complete your 3 goals each week. ď śWhatever keeps you moving forward t towards d your monthly thl and d yearly l goals l is i what you want to stick with.

ď śDevelop a Set of Day-to-Day Tasks ď śIf you aren't watching your daily tasks, tasks it becomes very easy to stray off course. You can get sucked into solving problem after problem, until you lose sight of the bigger gg p picture. Completing p gy your day y to day tasks must be your main objective if you are going to grow your company.

ď śYou also need to keep an eye on your 5 year long long-term term business goals you set. set Don't forget them and don't let them get overtaken by y day-to-day y y activities. ď śMaking a great plan and achieving goals is crucial to starting gy your home business. Taking things one goal at a time will often result in better results for you and your business. b i

ď śYour plan must get more detailed as you drill down to your daily tasks. tasks To accomplish your monthly and yearly goals y g you need to have a plan p that covers all systems in your business and adjust your plan as needed to ensure you meet your goals.

Keep your goals recorded on a calendar or in your journal and find the ones that motivate you the most while moving you toward y your long g term goals. g Writing a great long term plan is critical to the success of meeting gy your long g term business goals. 

Long Term Business Goals Are You On Track  
Long Term Business Goals Are You On Track  

Over the course of running a home business it's very easy to lose track of your long-term business goals. Some of the best parts of any good...