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During your visit to London, there are many attractions that you can see in order to make your trip and more fun and fulfilling g one. The list below features some of London London’s s most interesting and popular London attractions.

London Eye – One of the most fun and popular attractions that you can visit while in London is the London Eye, which is Europe’s p tallest Ferris wheel. Presently, the London Eye is celebrating its 10th anniversary as one of London’s most iconic attractions, and it is located on River Thames’ south bank.

Big Ben/The Houses of Parliament – The third tallest free standing clock tower in the world today is Big Ben. The Big Ben is 150 years old and is located north of the Palace of Westminster. Whenever you are visiting London, ensure that one of the first places you visit is the Big Ben.

Tower of London – The oldest building used by the British administration is the Tower of London. This attraction is most popularly p p y known for being g a prison p as well as a royal palace. The Tower of London is the site where Queen Anne Boleyn was executed, and it remains a royal palace to this day.

Buckingham Palace – When you think about attractions in London, London one of the first places that should come to mind is the Buckingham g Palace. This royal palace is where the British monarch calls home, and became the official residence of the monarch in 1837.

ď śIt is still owned by the British state. In August and September, September you will be able to view the state rooms of the palace, and various exhibitions are held throughout the year at the Queen’s Gallery.

Trafalgar Square – Trafalgar Square is located in the center of London, London and several sculptures and statues are showcased there. Community gatherings and political demonstrations are generally held at Trafalgar Square. It is an excellent place for you to spend the afternoon while visiting in London, and it is also very popular among Londoners and visitors alike.

Piccadilly Circus – Piccadilly Circus is also located in the center of London London, and is where 5 major roads meet. Piccadilly Circus is most popular for its neon lights, and is a great celebratory tourist attraction.

Westminster Abbey – In the 10th century Benedictine Monks started the century, daily worship which still goes on at Westminster Abbey y to this very y day. y You can join in the daily worship services; or you may visit the church on Saturdays to view the architecture, art and other renowned facets of the church.

London Bridge – The London Bridge was opened in 1729 1729, and it extended across the River Thames and connects Southwark and the City y of London.


London’s most interesting and popular attractions  

In you can find information on London attractions, such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Westminster A...

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