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Lobster for Sale On Land and Online

ď śBuying lobster can be a little intimidating Here are a few tips for intimidating. landlubbers and first time lobster shoppers. pp ď śFollow these simple suggestions for picking p g out the p perfect lobster on sale any time of year. Better yet, have live lobsters (all-sizes), lobster tails or a complete l t llobster b t di dinner shipped hi d tto your from

Lobster Pounds and Seafood Shops Whether you are buying lobster at a seafood store or lobster pound, make sure it’s it s busy and has lots of turnover turnover. We are not talking about the supermarket! p Lots of customers and traffic mean the lobsters are coming in and going out—a good sign the lobsters are fresh. f h

Some markets keep lobsters for a week or more more, and these won won’tt be as succulent as those that are fresh-caught. Lobsters held in a tank for a long time will eventually lose weight and the claw meat will shrink.

Fresh, Live Lobster A good sign of a healthy lobster is one that it is active—even mad! A healthy lobster should raise their claws, claws and flap their tail when pulled out of water. Feisty lobsters are always fresh lobsters. Lobsters whose claws droop when picked up and appear sluggish have spent some time either out of water or in a lobster tank.

ď śCheck the lobster for two long antennae. Lobsters with missing or chewed antennae have also spent time in storage. g ď śYou also do not want to buy a lobster with a cracked shell or claw.

ď śLobster Direct from Maine ď śMaine lobster (Homarus americanus) is also known as the American lobster, the Massachusetts lobster, lobster the Canadian lobster or the North Atlantic lobster. Maine lobsters are caught g off the Atlantic coast of the northern United States and Canada. It is the lobster with two claws, one large l and d one small. ll Th The llobster b t with no claws is called the Spiny lobster (commonly called rock lobster). lobster)

The spiny lobster is found in the waters off Florida Florida, Southern California, California and Mexico. The meat is firmer, stringier and not q quite as sweet as that of the Maine lobster. You’ll usually find these lobsters in the form of frozen tails. Always try and buy cold-water Atlantic lobster tails. You will pay a little more, but it will be worth it.

ď śOnly Hard-Shell Lobster ď śThe shell of a lobster is a good indicator of how much meat it contains. Hard-shell lobsters are packed with more meat than soft-shell ones. They are also stronger and can survive shipping. pp g The only y way y to tell is to squeeze their bodies for shell hardness.

ď śPick it up firmly from the back of the body (carapace) (carapace), not the claws, claws and gently squeeze the body section. ď śThe soft shell lobster will yield to pressure, while the hard shell will be firm. A lobster with a firm or even rock hard shell is the keeper.

ď śLobster Season ď śGood quality live lobster is available year-round from LobsterAnywhere, however the lobster industry is subject however, to seasonal changes affecting overall supply pp y and price. p Generally, y the best time of year to buy lobsters is before Memorial Day (before the summer t tourists i t arrive) i ) and d after ft Labor L b Day D (when the tourist leave).

ď śWhen water temperature drop in the winter months lobsters are scarce and the prices are at their highest. ď śPrices will peak in early spring, spring but as the weather warms, you'll find reasonably priced hard-shell lobsters. In the summer p the catch consists of a high percentage of softshell lobsters, while hard-shell l b t lobsters are sometimes ti hard h d to t come by. b Next to late spring, fall is another prime time for lobster harvest. harvest

Online Lobster There are dozens of online lobster companies. Check how long the company has been selling flobster online. online Are they a real lobster company, or just a drop shipper? pp Ask where the lobsters come from and make sure they are hard-shell lobsters. Does the company offer a delivery gurantee? Finally, look for updated an updated web site with recent customer testimonials.

ď śAbout ď śLobster for sale sold live and fresh caught daily off the coast of Maine from LobsterAnywhere com For over ten years, this online lobster company has shipped pp live lobster, lobster tails, and fresh seafood gifts coast-to-coast, and anywhere in between.

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Lobster for Sale On Land and Online  

Buying lobster can be a little intimidating. Here are a few tips for landlubbers and first time lobster shoppers. Follow these simple sugges...

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