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Lightweight Li ht i ht Insulated I l t d Floor Fl and Wall Panelling with Heavyweight Benefits

ď śSimply cheaper overall, Simply wonderful to live in, in Simply good for the environment. ď śWe are a sustainable building products manufacturer that offers construction projects p j building g blocks that are cheaper p to buy, install and operate.

Our cladding and flooring solutions achieve these benefits using our patented easyfix system, our building materials have a low carbon footprint, p , and architects and designers love the way our building products add value and appeal to dwellings.

ď śThere are some key financial and environmental reasons you should consider ecobuild solutions before you decide on a cladding g solution for y your external walls, a block or stone block solution for external walls, or a flooring solution as a base for f tiles, wood, or carpet finishes.

ď śProbably the biggest question that needs to be asked with building materials is what it the total cost of ownership. ď śThis is especially true of cladding systems like bricks and panels (wall panels or floor panels), stone (real stone) or stone blocks . It is not simply the cost of the material but also the cost of:

Transport to site Supporting infrastructure (e.g. (e g wet trades require water, scaffolds, electricity etc). etc) Manpower required to install Preparation costs Cleaning Maintenance Energy use

Ecobuild lowers the cost of ownership across all of these building material and construction cost elements by: Our panels are lightweight and designed to be packed and unpacked efficiently. This lowers the cost of transport p and handling. Our cladding, stone, and floor solutions use our easy fix system. Easyfix does not have a requirement for wet trades. This reduces trade costs and cost of supporting infrastructure.

All of our panels come with integrated insulation with high r values Our closed cell insulation is made of xps a polystyrene foam xps, Our insulation foam has been blown with gases that have no HFCs and is 100 percent recyclable

This integrated approach to insulation has a number of benefits to the environment and to the economics of building g construction. Integrating insulation into one panel reduces the need and cost for additional insulation. Not just the cost of the insulation itself, but the cost of install and maintenance. Compared to traditional bricks and mortar approaches the savings are huge.

ď śLess handling of products and panels on site reduces site costs and construction risk. ď śUnlike brick and mortar approaches there is no requirement for expensive trades or trade infrastructure, and the added complexity of secondary insulation.

ď śUnlike glass fibre insulation batts, our products integrated insulation are manufactured with much less heat than traditional insulation batts and that means less energy and a lower carbon footprint.

ď śAll of this supports modern sustainable building practices that are being demanded by green builders and constructors around the globe. g ď śOnce our cladding products are installed their performance surpasses traditional building materials like bricks.

Our insulation properties allows you to achieve lower operating costs for heating and cooling the dwelling. Our products are designed to withstand harsh environments and climates and once installed will be nearly maintenance free.

ď śOur wall cladding, stone cladding, and floor cladding solutions are also vermin resistant and moisture resistant. ď śThat all simply means that once built, built your investment is still giving you a return through g lower energy gy costs. ď śFurther your investment is still being protected by the advanced building materials used in all of ecobuild solutions panels.

ď śEcobuild has backed up its claims through extensively testing and assuring its manufactured product meets the stringent g standards of Australian and international building regulations. g p panels, stone p panels, and ď śOur cladding, easy fix installation system have been tested to the following:

Stone tests EN 13755:2008 Natural stone test methods – Determination of water absorption p at atmospheric p pressure p EN 1926:2006 Natural stone test methods – Determination of uniaxial compressive strength GB/T 9966.5-2001 Test methods for natural t l ffacing i stones t – Part P t5 5: Test T t method for shore hardness

EN 12372:2006 Natural stone test methods – Determination of flexural strength under concentrated load GB 6566-2010 Limit of radionuclides in building materials g– Weatherometer testing freeze/thaw/expansion/contraction – 840 hours tested at 72c and <10%RH and at -30c, 30 immersed i d in i water t att 23c, 23 tested t t d att 38.5% and 100% humidity.

Wind testing AS/NZS 4284:1995 Testing of building facades AS 4040  Methods of testing sheet roof and wall cladding AS 4040.3

Method 3 : Resistance to wind pressures for cyclonic regions Type 1 – Cyclonic Region C Fire testing AS/NZS 1530.3 – face tested. Ecobuild Solutions RealStone product is manufactured from certified B2 insulation material t i lh however B1 iis also l available. il bl Thermal insulation testing AS/NZS 4859 4859.1:2002/AMDT 1:2002/AMDT 1 (DEC 2006)

ď śThat may all sound complicated, but our innovations and extensive testing will make construction, and ownership easier, more sustainable,, and more rewarding. g Keeping it simple has been a difficult task in the building industry, but a challenge we have cherished. ď śWe have invested many years in research h and d development, d l t in i applying l i for patents, and testing our products to our strict building codes. codes

The results is that Ecobuild solutions has created a building solution that is actually easy to use, easy on the environment,, and easy y on the eye. y Thinking about green building materials, think ecobuild solutions. Thinking about sustainable building, think ecobuild solutions. Thinking about saving money now and in the future future, think ecobuild solutions. Find out more about wall insulation here: 

Lightweight Insulated Floor and Wall Panelling with Heavyweight Benefits  

Simply cheaper overall, Simply wonderful to live in, Simply good for the environment. We are a sustainable building products manufacturer th...

Lightweight Insulated Floor and Wall Panelling with Heavyweight Benefits  

Simply cheaper overall, Simply wonderful to live in, Simply good for the environment. We are a sustainable building products manufacturer th...