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Life Insurance With No Health Questions

You need life insurance but your medical history doesn’t doesn t look so good good. What can you do? Applying for life insurance normally requires you to answer a series of health questions and take a medical exam or q physical. But what if your health history makes you ineligible for the usual life i insurance or you just j t don’t d ’t wantt to t undergo that physical exam. Are there any options?

ď ś1. Simplified Issue Life Insurance ď śSome insurers sell policies with immediate full death benefits requiring only minimal health questions and no medical exam. You may qualify for these policies even if y p you have some health issues.

ď śTo purchase a Simplified Issue Life policy you may be asked if you have had a heart attack, are confined to a nursing home,, require q the use of oxygen, yg , and similar broad health questions. ď śThe health questions are usually simple Yes or No questions meant to weed out very seriously ill people.

2. Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Nearly anyone can buy Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance – regardless of your health history. history It seems this is a tremendous risk for the insurance company p y but here is how they y manage g it:

The death benefit is “graded”. Typically in the first two years the death benefit is limited to a return of your premium plus interest or a p percentage g of the face amount. However, for an accidental death the benefit is typically the full amount from day one.

Since everyone is accepted, insurance companies pay more in claims than if applicants were screened for health conditions. As a result insurance companies charge higher premiums for Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance. It doesn’t cost anything to request a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance quote. O Once you do, d you are nott under d any obligation to purchase a policy.

Do your homework before you purchase a Guaranteed Issue Life policy policy. You may be healthy enough to qualify for Simplified p Issue Life Insurance with full immediate benefits. Benefit from no medical exam life insurance here: 

Life Insurance With No Health Questions  

Applying for life insurance normally requires you to answer a series of health questions and take a medical exam or physical. But what if yo...

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