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Knowing More About Cord Blood Banking ki

™The umbilical cord is the link between the mother and the unborn baby. baby ™This umbilical cord blood when conserved after the birth of the baby cures many grave diseases. ™Conserve the stem cells of cord blood with the help of a private blood bank which can be of help p for y your child in case of any life dreaded ailments

™With the help of cord blood stem cell banking and umbilical cord blood banking you can cure your child from the diseases like lymphoma, y p , leukemia,, breast cancer,, Aplastic anemia, Hodgkin’s disease and any other types of anemia and cancer with the help off cord blood.

™Cord Blood also cures other genetic conditions like AIDS AIDS, multiple sclerosis sclerosis, lupus and immune system deficiencies.

™Around 14 million new types of cancer come into existence every year and avert this with the help p of this cord blood.

™A doubt may arise if the cord blood of one baby of yours will suit the need of any other baby of yours for a grave disease. ™The stem cells of cord blood will be a perfect match only p y the baby y that donates the blood during and also for the twin. ™The chances of the sibling’s blood matching with the cord blood of sister/brother are more than any other child. child

™But when it comes to a child from outside the chances of help are 1:4. 1:4 ™ Relatives can also take advantage of the preserved cord blood in the family as they have chances of the blood cells matching with the donor’s cell.

™The collection this umbilical cord blood is a very easy process which takes place after the birth of the baby. ™ It does no harm to the child and the mother during collection as it does hinder the birth of the baby.

™The doctor, midwife or the nurse takes charge of the collection in a sterile kit supplied by the Cord Partners Blood Center. ™A specifically planned container collects the cord blood. The cord blood bank laboratory tests and treats the cord blood received. The sample is then frozen and preserved for future use.

™The mothers need not worry about the baby when donating cord blood as the process is involved after the birth of the baby y and is very y safe. ™Similarly the process of taking blood from the mother is very y safe and simple. p So there is no need for the mother to panic as the entire procedure is painless and d risk-free. i k f ™

Knowing More About Cord Blood Banking