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Justin Bieber Biography - His J Journey T To Success S

™Justin Bieber used to be an ordinary Canadian boy boy, but his life totally changed in the year 2008. With his great musical talent,, this seventeen year y old boy y has released an EP and an album and has become a superstar in the music industry. ™Reading Justin's biography is always i t interesting ti since i thi this C Canadian di b boy h has gone through a great journey to success.

Before Justin Became Famous ™Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1, 1994 in Stratford, Stratford Ontario and was raised by his single mother. Bieber learned to play p y musical instruments like the drums and guitar when he was very young. participated p in a local singing g g ™In 2007, he p competition in his hometown called Stratford Idol, and he only did it just for fun.

™He never took singing lessons before but surprisingly he placed second in the competition. ™Then, with the help of his mother, he uploaded videos of him singing on YouTube and they successfully attracted the attention of thousands of viewers. His videos got popular through word of mouth and some Justin Bieber songs have received up to 10 10,000,000 000 000 views. views

Meeting Scooter Braun and Scoring a Record Deal ™Justin Bieber would have never gotten a career in the music business without his YouTube videos. Scooter Braun, a former marketing g executive of So So Def Recordings, had watched Bieber's videos and he was impressed by the boy's talent. ™Braun then contacted Bieber and he flew the boy into Atlanta seven months after the first YouTube video was posted. posted

™Bieber showed his talent in singing as well as his ability in playing musical instruments. He also met with Usher in Atlanta but this famous singer g didn't know that Bieber has a great talent in music. ™But after watching the videos, he realized that the boy had a great chance to be a superstar t iin th the ffuture. t He H contacted t t d Bieber and finally signed him under his joint venture with Scooter Braun. Braun

Album Release ™In 2009, Justin Bieber released his first single "One One Time Time" while he was still recording the debut album. The single "One Time" was p produced by y Tricky y and it tells a story about puppy love. gg gained success not only y in ™This song Canada and US, but also in the international market. Then, he released hi d his debut b t album lb "M "My W World ld 2.0" 2 0" in i 2010 and the song "Baby" became the lead single. single

™The song also features the rapper Ludacris and this collaboration successfully entered the Top Ten Charts in seven countries. In June 2010,, he started his first world tour in Hartford, Connecticut. A month later, he started recording his second album which will be released in 2011. ™

Justin Bieber Biography - His Journey To Success  
Justin Bieber Biography - His Journey To Success  

Justin Bieber used to be an ordinary Canadian boy, but his life totally changed in the year 2008. With his great musical talent, this sevent...