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Importance of Employment V ifi Verification i

Employment verification and certified background checks are mandatory for new hires in almost all the companies, nowadays. y The companies p either conduct the verification on their own or hire a third party vendor to do this job for them. Amongst all the checks that happen d i during thi this verification, ifi ti the th employment l t verification of the candidate’s pervious job is the most important one, one from the company’s perspective.

ď śThis is an opportunity for the new employers to ascertain the credibility, credibility expertise and work experience of the new hire. ď ś The overall background checks not only enable the company p y choose the right g candidate, it also helps the new hires to start work with the knowledge that the company has h complete l t trust t t in i them. th

ď śThe reason for such an exhaustive verification is due to the fact that the new employers need to ascertain that all the information g given in the candidate’s job application is true. pp fill in the details of all the ď śJob applicants companies that they have worked for, in their resumes. Previous employment verification ifi ti is i d done ffor all ll the th companies i that the job applicant has indicated in the resume. resume

ď śThis is also one way of ensuring the job continuity and natural career progression of the applicant. ď ś All companies want to hire the most deserving candidates and the easiest way to establish the work ethics of the candidate is by checking with the old employer.

ď śEmployment verification also helps in identifying the candidate candidate’s s experience and knowledge levels. It is quite common for jjob applicants pp to embellish their experience and expertise details in their resumes. ď śThey can also mange to convince the interviewers because there simply is no ti time tto have h a detailed d t il d and d elaborate l b t discussion during interviews.

ď śThere are various topics o be covered and it is easy for the interviewer to get side tracked and pass over some aspects. p ď śTo determine the veracity of the information provided in the application and also to ensure complete integrity of the hiring process, employment verification is done.

Employment verification can also help the new hirers in determining the candidate’s work ethics. If the candidate is found to have been irregular in attending work or has a tendency to take a lot of leaves, the new hirers have every right to question the candidate’s work seriousness.

ď śOr, they can even choose to add a special clause in the employment contract to protect both the parties, in case of repetition p of such misdemeanors in the new employment. ď ś

Importance of Employment Verification  

Employment verification and background checks are mandatory for new hires in almost all the companies, nowadays. The companies either conduc...

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