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How to have fun with your dog indoors?

ď śDogs need to get their daily walk, but there are times when you take your dog out for a short walk to do her business, but then y you have to come back home. ď śEither because it it's s cold outside, raining or too dark - it doesn't really matter; the point is that your dog still has energy to burn off. Now, how can she burn it off indoors?

Running up and down the stairs: If you live in an apartment building or in a house with a staircase, a great exercise for your dog will be running up and down the stairs. You can chase your dog up and down the stairs or get your dog to chase you; either way after a few minutes of running both of you will get pretty tired.

ď śPlay fetch: ď śAlways a great game to play with your dog; if you've never played fetch before, here are the rules: grab one of her toys and throw it. Wait for your dog to run around and look for it. Pet her and give g her a treat when she brings it back to you.

ď śAfter a couple of times your dog might get a bit bored, bored so you can try and make things more interesting by tricking your dog: g y you can pretend p you y throw her toy y to one direction, but actually throw it to a different direction or hide it behind your back.

ď śTeach your dog new tricks: ď śThis is a great bonding activity for you and your dog and it's also a good mental stimulation Tricks can be orders like "sit" stimulation. sit or "shake hand": all you need to do is show y your dog g what you y want her to do and every time she does it, give her a treat.

ď śIt might take some time so if after a few times your dog loses interest interest, you can do something else for a while a then get back to it. ď śAlso, if your dog already masters the simple commands, you can move on to more advance ones like "roll over" and "jump".

Play hide and seek with your dog: This is a cool and interesting activity for you and your dog: Make sure your dog stays foot by giving her a treat or telling her to stay and then hide somewhere around y your house (in ( the shower or in the closet). Once you find the perfect hiding place, call your dog and wait for her to find you. Cheer and give her a treat when she does. does

ď śPlay-dates with your neighbor's dog: ď śIf your apartment can contain two playing dogs, and your dog gets along with one of the neighbor neighbor's s dog - you can ask your neighbor to bring his dog over for a p play-date. y Your dog g will enjoy j y the company of another dog and they could play together and have a chance to burn off ff lots l t off energy indoors. i d

Indoors activities are great and they give you a chance to spend some one on one time with your dog, but please remember that indoor activities can't replace p y your daily dog walking.  Learn more about pets here: 

How to have fun with your dog indoors  

Dogs need to get their daily walk, but there are times when you take your dog out for a short walk to do her business, but then you have to...

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