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How to find sources of boarding school fi financial i l assistance i

ď śAs most boarding schools offer the same grade levels in education as would the public school system, it is unusual for anyone y to seek boarding g school financial assistance. pursuit is to file applications pp ď śThe normal p for grants or loans for college tuition, but there are sources available for parents wishing i hi to t enroll ll their th i children hild iin a private boarding school, with most of them coming from the schools themselves. ď ś

ď śBecause the majority of boarding schools do not receive the same amount of government funding as public schools would,, they y depend p primarily p y on donations from area philanthropists and generations of graduates for additional monies.

ď śTheir budget is dependent upon tuition fees so if a family’s fees, family s needs are such that they will need help finding boarding school scholarships, p , or boarding school grants, the admissions office should be able to give g the parents assistance in applying for one of the three typical means of paying t iti tuition: scholarships, h l hi vouchers h and d payment plans.

ď śBoarding school financial assistance plans ď śMost boarding schools in the United States have one or two programs in place to help parents cover their children’s tuition every y year. y These programs, usually in the form of a voucher system of payment, or a d f deferred d paymentt plan, l ensure that th t the th children have a place in the school, which will last as long as the tuition is eventually paid.

ď śThis system allows children from lower economic areas to attend, attend and has made getting that quality education more possible for students that normally p y would have just gotten by in a public school system. ď śThe voucher plan allows families to apply for special vouchers from the state governmentt in i lieu li off receiving i i a tax t return from overpaying their yearly taxes through payroll deductions. deductions

ď śThey can then use these vouchers to pay for their child’s child s tuition at a participating boarding school, and the school gets the monies back from the state,, dollar for dollar. ď śNot all states back this kind of educational funding, and parents would have to be resident in a state that has a program to request the vouchers.

A deferred payment plan allows parents to enroll their children along with everyone else at the beginning of the school y year,, and make an initial payment p y of at least 15% of the year’s tuition. year, the Over the rest of the school y parents can make payments to the school to cover the rest of the debt. S Some schools h l allow ll for f payments t beyond b d graduating into the next term, and will have strict guidelines over how often the payments need to be made.

ď śScholarships and grants ď śScholarships are available for private boarding schools schools, and will either come from the school themselves, or from a donor organization or member. Some states also offer grants for tuition in private boarding schools, as long as the parents are full-time residents of the state where the school is located.

ď śIndependent scholarships are prizes from an educational competition or contest, contest and school scholarships are of the merit type yp for outstanding g grades, g , athletics or other achievements.

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How to find sources of boarding school financial assistance  
How to find sources of boarding school financial assistance  

As most boarding schools offer the same grade levels in education as would the public school system, it is unusual for anyone to seek boardi...