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How I Saved Over $700 on My Car I Insurance (Really) (R ll )

 No, I didn’t call Geico. No, I didn’t cut my coverage although raising the collision and comprehensive deductible is tempting. No, I didn’t have an accident or ticket go off my record. And no, I didn’t get a cheaper car or drop a car from coverage. So how did I lower my car insurance premiums by over $700 a year?  To save this amount of money on my auto insurance rates I did two important things: ((1)) I moved; and ((2)) I shopped pp around and compared prices.

ď śIn January 2012, my wife and I moved from the Seattle area to St. St George, George Utah. I figured my insurance rates would be a bit lower as I knew Utah generally g y had low auto theft rates. But I never would have guess I could cut our premiums nearly in half. f

ď śMy wife and I have two cars: a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta and a 2008 Mazda3. Mazda3 Before the move, I contacted our existing insurance company, p y, USAA,, and they y quoted me a price of about $1,400 for our new address in St. George or approximately $200 $ less than what we were paying in the Seattle area for the two vehicles vehicles. I was pleased with this reduction and agreed to this new policy rate.

ď śComparing Rates ď śUSAA is a great company that provides competitive rates and outstanding service It is only available to U.S. service. US military members, veterans, and their families. However, once we moved down to St. George and got situated, I decided it would be worthwhile to shop around and d compare insurance i rates t since i each h state has different companies and evaluate drivers differently. differently

ď śI initially got a quote from AAA NCNU insurance Their rates were quite good insurance. good. AAA offered me a huge discount for paying p y g at least 6 months of the policy p y up p front in a lump sum. With the lump sum payment, we were looking at a $500 savings off ff my USAA rates. Woohooo!!!!!! But I was not done yet. Could we save even more?

ď śI had heard that American Family Insurance offers good discounts and I went to see a local St. George American Family y agent. g Their rates were even better than AAA. y $730 on ď śAwesome! We would save nearly our annual insurance periods compared to what we were paying in the Seattle area. Thi This k keeps getting tti b better! tt ! W Would ld the third time be the charm? I had to try one more time to see if we could save even more.

ď śI decided to try an insurance broker that offered multiple companies in St St. George to cast a wider net. The agent there (she didn’t even identify y herself as an agent g until I asked her) wasn’t the most friendly person in the world but she did ask me several questions.

ď śShe asked me if I’d drank an alcoholic beverage in the past 2 years years. I answered yes (I had sinned). ď śThat disqualified me from receiving coverage from Bear River Mutual. Talk about strict! I understand being g a higher g risk of getting a DUI but that is a new one. The best quote I got from the this agentt was from f Progressive, P i which hi h was a bit surprising. It was fairly competitive with the other two quotes I had received in St. George.

ď śIn the end, we decided to go with American Family and saved over $730 a year on our auto insurance premiums, compared p to what we were p paying y g in the Seattle area.

ď śSo the takeaways y from this are:

ď ś1. Where you live truly does have a large impact on your auto insurance rates. rates 2. Always compare rates from multiple companies p and do not just j trust that the insurance company that gave you the best deal at one residence will give you the best deal at another.

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How I Saved Over 700 dollars on My Car Insurance (Really)  

No, I didnt call Geico. No, I didnt cut my coverage although raising the collision and comprehensive deductible is tempting. No, I didnt hav...