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Host Papa Company Overview

ď śHostPapa is a pretty young, privately owned company and was founded in 2006. They provide service to more than 50,000 web site projects at the moment and are one of the fastest growing web hosting providers of the US. ď śTheir web hosting offer is aimed at environmentally concious individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses. ď śRead below the Hostpapa Review :

HostPapa offers a one-plan-fits-all hosting package, offering a free domain for life with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth starting at $4.95. Host Papa provides "Green Web Hosting" to their customers. That means, their data center, office buildings, computers and everything else is powered by 100% renewable, green energy - such as solar or wind energy.

ď śDespite being environmentally concious, the people at HostPapa pride themselves to be "a leader in low-cost, high-value hosting" as their website states. We tested them to see, how good their services and prices really are.

ď śHostPapa gives a 30-day-money-back guarantee and provides 24/7 customer support. They host in several state-ofthe-art data centers. ď ś Their hosting plan includes more than $500 in bonuses for external programs, like Google Adwords, search engine optimisation tools (SEO), Yahoo and much more.

ď śPrice Value ď śHostPapa does what many other hosting companies did in the last years: instead of offering confusing price schemes and many different web hosting plans, they offer only one single this-plan-fits-all package. These packages are usually of very high quality and so is HostPapa's hosting plan.

ď śTheir package starts at $4.95 /month. It provides a free-for-life domain, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases and unlimited add-on-domains, parkeddomains and sub-domains. ď śGeeks will be happy to hear, that the feature-packed hosting plan includes PHP5, Perl, CGI, SSI, mySQL, private .htaccess, FrontPage Extensions, Web Stats and many more features.

HostPapa gives $500 in marketing bonuses for useful external programs like Google Adwords, Yahoo, SEO-Tools, etc. with their hosting plan. Rich ecommerce features make it easy to build a web shop, even with SSL for secure check out section and PayPal connection. Multimedia features enable the hosting package to stream RealAudio and RealVideo and provide support for Flash and Shockwave.

ď śWe consider this to be a very professional, feature packed and complete web hosting package. The price is good and in comparison to other hosts clearly better than the middle field. HostPapa provides Green Hosting and a high quality service - bearing this in mind, we say it is a strong price value.

Reliability and Performance HostPapa's data centers are connected to the internet with several OC48 / Gigabit optical fiber connections via different providers for total network redundancy. They are protected by a triple-redundant firewall, UPS power backup and dieselpowered emergency generators in case of an electricity outage.

ď śTheir data centers are staffed 24/7 with highly trained experts and all servers, routers and connections are monitored permanently by machines and by humans. Additionally a fire suppression system and a redundand climate control system is deployed for a high security. Data centers are highly controled by uniformed security, magnetic card readers and cameras 24/7.

ď ś HostPapa uses high performance Intel servers (running on Linux) with Cisco Systems routers and switches and mirrored RAID arrays, that hold all the files and the customers' data. All files are backuped on additional RAID devices and transferred to other data center locations on a regular basis. Host papa guarantees for both, 99.9% uptime and 99.9% network uptime. ď ś This setup provides the highest reliability and the highest performance currently possible.

ď śControl Panel ď śHostPapa uses the industry-leading cPanel to manage web hosting accounts. All administrative jobs are performed from within this great software. cPanel is intuitive and easy to understand, with its large icon buttons and orderly arranged functions. At the main menu, statistics about the current status of the customers web hosting account are displayed: the amount of used disk space, bandwidth and other data.

ď ścPanel is a professional and complete software, that makes administration of web hosting accounts easy.

Support HostPapa provides their customers with 24/7/365 email support. There is a telephone number, a live chat and of course a help desk email ticket system. Support is given in english and french. Additionally, HostPapa provides an extensive amount of information to empower the customer to help himself. This includes video tutorials and a knowledgebase.

ď śIn our opinion HostPapa's support is good. There are other providers with even higher support promises, though - like a guaranteed time until taking a phone call.

ď śConclusion ď śHostPapa is a realtively young, but fastly growing web hosting company. Their commitment to 100% Green Energy is something, we wished more businesses would do nowadays. Besides being green, they offer a high value and professional web hosting services to individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses.

ď śThe price value of HotPapa's single hosting plan is quiet high. Starting at $4.95 /month, the feature packed plan, including $500 in bonuses and a free domain for life, ranks well among the competition.

ď śHostPapa's technical performance, reliability and security is one of the highes standards possible nowadays. ď śUsing the professional and mature cPanel as a control panel for all hosting accounts, HostPapa adds another good point to the long list of features their package provides.

ď ś A good support with telephone, live chat and a large knowledgebase completes an overall strong web hosting plan. ď ś We see HostPapa as a strong web host with a good, solid offer. Although there are cheaper hosting plans on today's market, HostPapa's high quality level and to support green energy is worth the price. We found out that indeed, HostPapa is a highquality, low-cost web hosting provider, as they state on their web site.

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Host papa review  

HostPapa is a pretty young, privately owned company and was founded in 2006. They provide service to more than 50,000 web site projects at t...

Host papa review  

HostPapa is a pretty young, privately owned company and was founded in 2006. They provide service to more than 50,000 web site projects at t...