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High g Paying y g Affiliate Programs – Don’t Settle For Less Than 100% Commissions

As an online affiliate, you always want to look for the high paying affiliate programs. Obviously if you are going to spend p y your time researching, g, planning, p g, creating content, and eventually marketing someone else’s product you want to get paid what your time is worth. I want to share with you some simple ti I h tips have llearned d online, li iin my short h t time being an affiliate marketer that will get you the most bang for your buck. buck 

Tip #1 - Go Digital When you promote digital products online as an affiliate, generally you will get higher commissions than if you sold physical products.  is a very popular network that has thousands of digital products that you can promote as an affiliate.

ď śMost of the time you can get 50%-75% commissions for promoting digital products. ď śI am not saying that these will pay you the most money the fastest, but if you do your research and find a good y g offer, then selling digital products is usually the fastest way to get started as an affiliate.

When it comes to high paying affiliate programs there is one that tops them programs, all…and I have to admit that I am a little biased on this one. It is called the Empower Network. It is an affiliate network that pays out 100% commissions. Actually it is even better than that.

ď śEmpower Network has a proven sales funnel (one of the highest in the industry), and it pays out 100% commissions on EVERY level in the sales funnel.

ď śThe Empower Network product is 3 things First things. First, it is a viral blogging system allowing people to have their very own wordpress p blog g hosted on the high g authority domain. Second, it is a training center. ď śThird, it is a high converting sales funnel that pays out 100% commissions.

Tip #2 – Where The Highest Payouts Are Typically, the high paying affiliate programs are going to be in a select few categories. These categories include finance, travel, and health. For example, p a credit card affiliate program might pay you anywhere from $20 to $120 for an approved d application. li ti Thi This is i a ttough h niche, but one that pays well and pays fast. fast

ď śAffiliate programs in the health industry can give you a substantial income as well, as many health affiliate programs have high g recurring g commissions. ď śWhen looking for the highest paying affiliate programs in the health industry, I would advise you to check out cpa networks for the best offers.

Tip #3 – High Ticket Items One thing you want to learn how to do as an online affiliate is to research high ticket items. items When you promote high ticket items over $500, your commissions are g going g to be higher g since you are making a percentage of the sale price. So if you are going to be an affiliate at, don’t just promote low end stuff like books and cd’s. cd’s

ď śIf you are only going to get a 4% commission you might as well sell high end merchandise like appliances, custom jjewelry, y, and fashion designer g clothes. It takes the same amount of work as an affiliate whether you are promoting something that is $10 $ or $1000. $ ď ś

High Paying Affiliate Programs – Don’t Settle For Less Than 100% Commissions