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Head Lice Treatments Toronto

ď śThere are many forms of head lice treatment in Toronto. In fact, we can say that Toronto is one of the major cities around the world in which head lice treatment centers thrive. ď ś However, I must point out that none of these treatment options actually offer what Nit Works brings to the table. In such a competitive market, it is often difficult to separate the good from the average and the downright bad.

ď śWhat we offer at Nit Works is a full line of LiceLogic Treatment and Prevention products. However, unlike the competition, we have purposed to provide prducts that are safe, natural and have a proven success rate in the fight against head lice. We are not only looking to treat the head lice infections our clients face.

ď śBut also do it in the most effective and safe manner. At Nit Works, we are rolling out products that are non-toxic, paraben, pesticide and sulfate free. Over the years, most of the shampoos and treatment options have been dependent on the use of sulfate as a treatment mechanism.

ď śWhile sulfates have been widely successful, research has also shown that there are a number of side effects that are associated with it. ď śAs such, Nit Works has taken the first step to pull away from this trend and chat a new path that would redefine the fight against head lice.

ď śAdditionally, our products are designed to be free from the harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrants that line the other products in the market. These products are also free from any animal products, gluten, soy and dairy products. ď śWe have a variety of head lice treatment products including: the LiceLogic Clear & Free Treatment Shampoo, LiceLogic Hair Nit Spray and the NIT FREE Terminator Comb.

ď śIn this regard, we have put faces and names behind our products as a sign of the confidence that we have in them. The founder of this line Jill Taft and the owner of the Nit Work, Andrea Hechtang are determined to ensure that the products are not only effective and safe to use, but that they also mark the difference in the industry. What we offer and Nit Work is the award winning lice treatment and prevention products that are also unique.

ď śThese products are available over the counter at salons and other shops. They are also available at your local store providing you with the health you need. Join the gravy train now and experience the awesomeness of out products. ď ś

Head lice treatments toronto  

There are many forms of head lice treatment in Toronto. In fact, we can say that Toronto is one of the major cities around the world in whic...

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