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HCG Weight Loss Drops

HCG is a chemical called “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Gonadotropin” which was discovered by a British Doctor named Dr. Albert Simeons. HCG is a naturally y occurring hormone present in the body of both male and female, but remains dormant for f some time. This hormone becomes active in pregnantt women, and d it works k to t supportt the need of the developing embryo for fat. fat

ď śPregnant women naturally produce HCG, which instruct the hypothalamus to release and draw out fat from any part of the body y to be consumed by y the developing embryo. process of fat extraction and ď śThis natural p fat burning was eventually used in the development of a weight loss program th t includes that i l d HCG weight i ht lloss d drops and d a strict diet plan.

HCG weight loss drops contain HCG that forces stored fat into the bloodstream, bloodstream where it is burned. HCG weight loss drops p offer the same results as HCG injectibles. g of using g HCG However, the advantage weight loss drops over injectibles is that these drops are cheaper and are more accessible. ibl

ď śWhen using HCG weight loss drops, a strict diet (low calorie diet) must be followed to obtain the desired effects. The HCG diet that comes together g with HCG weight loss drops begins with a 2day fat-loading of the cells. ď śThis prevents the person from going into starvation when the cut-back of calories i th in the di diett starts. t t

ď śThe intake of HCG weight loss drops also start on the first day of fat fat-loading loading. Following the 2 fat-loading days are 21 to 55 days y (may ( y also vary y depending p g on the plan) of very low calorie diet. g loss drops p intake is ď śHCG weight continued during this very low calorie diet, but intake is discontinued on the l t three last th days d off low l calorie l i diet. di t

ď śOn the last three days, the HCG starts to leave the body and the natural metabolism of the body begins to normalize. ď śMaintenance 1 and 2 procedures will follow, wherein starches and sugars are gradually included in the food intake so that the body will restore its natural digestion.

However, a recent survey was conducted by Diet Doc on the kinds of HCG available in the market. Basically, there are two types yp of HCG weight g loss drops; prescription and nonprescription. Prescription HCG requires a doctor’s approval, while non-prescription HCG are sold ld by b anyone and d th there is i no medical di l study related to it.

ď śNon-prescription HCG weight loss drops can be purchased over the counter counter, and there are also a great HCG weight loss program p g available where y you can be purchased online. g ď śThe FDA ((Food and Drugs Administration) considers over-thecounter and non-prescription HCG weight l loss d drops tto b be ineffective. i ff ti

ď śThere are no clinical studies that support the effectiveness of non non-prescription prescription HCG weight loss drops. ď śIn addition to this, over-the-counter HCG weight loss drops contain only less than 0.001% HCG.

HCG Weight Loss Drops Final Thought HCG weight loss drops falls under the category of natural remedies for losing weight naturally and safely. Synthetic HCG hormone, which is used in HCG weight loss drops, is now approved by FDA which gives users the assurance that HCG weight i ht loss l drops d are indeed i d d safe f to t use.  http://www hcg weight loss program com/

HCG Weight Loss Drops  

HCG is a chemical called “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin” which was discovered by a British Doctor named Dr. Albert Simeons. HCG is a naturall...

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