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Florida Mesothelioma Treatment And Compensation Reforms Pledged To Reduce Punitive Damage Awards

ď śBy the beginning of 2000, litigation under Florida Mesothelioma treatment and compensation laws only represented around 4% of the nation’s current volume of lawsuits concerning asbestos exposure and cancer.

ď śBy 2f005, however, the sheer volume of cases being filed on behalf of Florida Mesothelioma treatment clinics, the majority j y of them veterans,, had tripled. p ď śAs a result, Florida joined ranks with other states, like Texas, Ohio and Georgia, to get current compensation laws refined to cut down on the amount off litigation liti ti allowed. ll d

Reasoning Behind The Proposed Changes  Florida just like Texas, Florida, Texas in 2005 was experiencing a major surge in the number of pending cases filed by Florida Mesothelioma compensation attorneys on behalf of patients currently undergoing diagnosis and treatment for the dread disease.

ď śThe majority of them were returning veterans along with former employees of veterans, shipbuilders and aircraft workers, but not all of them were at a stage g that seemed reasonable to file suit for compensation, due to their current medical criteria. ď śThis began to sound more like frivolous lawsuits, rather than legitimate claims, so changes h were needed d d to t be b done. d

ď ś Among the changes wanted to be made to the Florida Mesothelioma treatment and compensation laws was a way to reduce the number of pending cases, as well as a way to limit new filings in the future. ď ś The result of much debate came about in 200 when 2005, h the h Asbestos b and d Silica Sili Compensation Fairness Act was signed into law which set a much higher standard for law, plaintiffs filing a claim, especially their g medical criteria at the time of filing.

Florida Mesothelioma Treatment And Compensation Changes  In regards to the plaintiff plaintiff’s s medical condition, the new laws are very detailed. Florida Mesothelioma compensation attorneys must present proof that their clients have become physically impaired due to this cancer to the courts, before any lawsuits can be filed. filed

ď śAnyone that fails this criteria will be allowed to re re-file file at a later date date, with the understanding that any defendants will have the right g to fight g against g any y filing, g, whenever it happens. ď śThis means that their client’s current medical condition must documented to prove that it was directly caused by exposure tto asbestos, b t and d th thatt it has h caused a physical impairment of some type as documented by doctors from type, Florida Mesothelioma treatment clinics.

ď śA complete employment history must be included whether they have a history of included, smoking, and whether the physical impairment p severely y compromises p their quality of life. ď śNonsmokers will not have to be as specific, but smokers must meet all of that criteria in order to file.

ď śOther Changes ď śFurther amendments to the Florida Mesothelioma treatment and compensation laws will now limit the time allowed for non non-impaired impaired individuals to file suit in the future, usually within two years.

ď śIt also ruled that no punitive damages could be sought during any lawsuit, lawsuit in order to limit the monetary value of potentially p y successful verdicts in the future. The last change was to limit the liability of any seller of asbestos, unless negligence can be proven otherwise. ď ś

Florida Mesothelioma Treatment And Compensation Reforms Pledged To Reduce Punitive Damage Awards