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Five Key Ways to Coach Yourself to Success

ď ś1. Create a big dream and the reason why you are doing it. it The dream will motivate you to stay on course after the initial excitement wears off. ď śOnce you are clear on your dream, you can set g goals for the steps p y you'll need to take to get from where you are now to where you want to go.

ď ś2. Uncover the challenges you need to overcome to realize your dream. dream In addition to creating an action plan, you may y also need to learn new skills,, find ways to manage your time, enlist the support of the people around you, and overcome any fears f that hold you back.

3. Read success books every day. The best time to read is in the morning when you get up. This will help you to set a positive course for the day. p y Interestingly, leaders are always avid readers. The most successful p people p are also the most open to learning. 4. Listen to success audios. Turn your car into a training lab. Along with reading, this will help you to stay focused and learn the keys to success. success

ď ś5. Start to take action right away and adjust your course as you progress. progress Most people miss on this one. These sad souls wait for the p perfect time to reach for their dreams and in most cases, it never comes. ď śAs a result, at the end of their lives, most people end up looking back at missed opportunities. t iti Th The only l time ti you have h is i now and the small steps you take now create tremendous change over time. time

ď śAs you read these keys to success, you may be surprised to see that the focus is not primarily on taking action. Action is clearly y a key y to success,, but preparation p p is even more important. g heading g off on a road trip p ď śImagine without a map of the territory you need to cover. You may end up going in circles or ttaking ki very llong and d winding i di journey. j

ď śThe first four keys prepare you for your journey These keys touch on the journey journey. of self-discovery and growth that you will need to take on the road to success. The fact is that you must focus on becoming more before you will be able to reach goals for f having more.

ď śThe surest way to do this is to learn from people who know how to take you where you want to go. Books and audios are great tools to accelerate y g your learning, g, along with identifying and mastering specific skills. If you learn how to coach yourselff to success and reach out for f help when needed, you can put yourself on a superhighway to your dreams. dreams

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Five Key Ways to Coach Yourself to Success