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First Date Tips For Men

ď śFirst dates can be tough and stressful. Many men need advice for setting out on a first date. Here are a few tips to help you out on your y y next date.

ď śPlan A Great Date ď śThe typical date idea most men choose is dinner and a movie, but you should try something different. different Plan a date that is short and simple, such as grabbing a cup of jjoe at a local coffee shop, p eating ga frozen yogurt, or a nice lunch. These are all great first date ideas that will allow you ttalk lk and d gett to t know k each h other. th

ď śDress Appropriately ď śYou should always dress to impress on a first date, but don't make it too formal. A sharp shirt with nice wrinkle free jeans, jeans and some fresh shoes will typically work for the date ideas above. This isn't just j to impress your date, but to impress yourself as well. If you look good, you f l good, feel d which hi h is i important, i t t especially i ll on a first date.

ď śAlways Pay The Bill On A First Date ď śYou should always be sure to pay the tab on a first date, but don't go overboard with the price. price If you spend too much on a first date, she'll think you're being flashy, y or worse, she'll expect p lavish dates all the time.

ď śMake It A Quick Date ď śIt may be uncomfortable for both of you if you're out on a long date, like dinner and a movie movie...especially especially if there isn isn'tt a connection between you, you'll both feel trapped. pp Always y plan p a short first date, if all goes well, you can plan a longer second date.

ď śPay Attention To Her ď śYou should be focused on your date and not the other attractive women you see. If you're you re looking around at other women, women your date will think you're a pig. Save your wandering y g eyes y for nights g out with your guy friends.

ď śFind Out More About Her ď śYou want to find out more details about her and her life, but be sure not to make her feel like it's it s a job interview interview. Keep it exciting, not dull. And, always stay away from q questions about her exes, rather focus on her hobbies and things she likes to do.

ď śShow Off Your Fun Side ď śThe first date should be light and fun for you both. Tell her some funny stories and let your playful side come out out. Show her your great sense of humor, we all know women love a man who can make her laugh.

Give Her A Ring The Next Day Many times people suggest you wait a few days before calling her after a first date but you should really give her a date, quick call the following day. This will show that y you're interested in her. If you don't want to call, a quick text message or email will work. Find out more about two of us service and two of us dating service here: 

First Date Tips For Men  

First dates can be tough and stressful. Many men need advice for setting out on a first date. Here are a few tips to help you out on your n...

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