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Fijit Friends toys were brought into this world by accident accident. Their story starts with two sisters. These two girls just love to listen to music all day y long. g They y love to dance, laugh and do all kinds of fun stuff. girls’ p parents are scientists who were The g working on a new kind of fun experimental goo in their home l b laboratory. t

ď śOne day the two sisters went down to the laboratory to see what their parents were doing. No one was in the lab but they y did find the experimental p goo. g ď śThe sisters decided to play some music on the radio while they y waited for their parents. While they danced and sang to the songs something strange started to h happen tto the th goo.

It began to light up, move to the music and change shape shape. What emerged were 4 cute, cuddly dancing Fijit Friends. From that day forward the two sisters became best friends with the Fijits Willa, Serefina, Sage g and Logan. g That is the short version of the story. You may have heard others.

ď śWhat Are Fijit Friends? ď śThey are colorful fun loving little girly creatures that enjoy dancing, chatting, laughing and doing all the things regular girls like to do.

These interactive robotic toys are kind of like the modern day teddy bear, bear only without the fluff. They are like a child’s pet Hamster or Rabbit, only without the fur and doo doo clean up. They can be your little girl’s friend, being there by her side day and night.

These little Fijit robots were specifically designed for young girls from 6 years old and up. We all know that from a very young y g age g girls g seem to like to chat,, a lot! y like to listen to music, dance and They laugh at one another’s jokes. It is only natural that they are going to want someone to t chat h t to t but b t off course their th i friends can’t be around them 24/7.

Enter Willa, Logan, Sage and Serefina.

They will Th ill be b around d day d or night i ht watching over your daughter, niece, granddaughter or little sister while she sleeps.

What Can Fijit Friends Do? With technology as advanced as it is today these imaginative little cuties can do quite a lot. lot They all have their own unique characteristics that gives them a type yp of personality p y of their own. This personality can be developed through a girl’s imagination as they learn to build th bonds the b d off friendship. f i d hi IInteraction t ti iis different with each Fijit because of their uniqueness. uniqueness

ď śThese are adorable little toys with their plump round bodies and large goggle eyes on a smiling face. ď śThey are made with a soft, rubbery, supple skin that bends and stretches to their movement when they dance.

Dance Yes they dance and talk and giggle and Yes, sing. The dancing is individual to each style of song played. played This is due to the in-built beat detection function allowing the Fijit j Friend to dance to the beat. For example, if you played a slow song it would move and dance slowly. If you played l d a dance d track t k it will ill wobble, bbl ttwist, i t bend and basically dance till the music stops! When the dance is over it will do a little bow.

Chat Another amazing feature is the voice recognition capability that allows it to understand and respond to 30 different phrases. For example, if you ask, “Hey Fijit, j do y you want to chat?” it will reply py with, “You betcha!”

Try asking, “Hey Fijit, how do I look?” and it will respond with, with ”Oh Oh yeh, yeh looking good!”. Always responding in a supportive, pp , funny y and positive p manner. After all, this is what best friends do right? There are over 150 built-in responses allowing them to chat.

ď śTell Jokes ď śAsk either of these Fijit Friend Toys to tell you a joke and it will proceed to do just that!

ď śThey Sing ď śEach have four unique songs of their own in different styles. An example would be, Willa who has her own rap song that you can sing along to.

These are perfect for a child’s bedtime. When it is time to go to sleep all you have to do is say, “Good night Fijit” and it will y yawn and then fall asleep. p You will know it’s asleep because its head will bow down and it will begin to quietly snore. A small light in its belly will turn on and stay on for ten minutes. This acts as a night light. light The Fijit Friends also respond to touch. Just squeeze or poke its belly and it will giggle, wiggle or bounce.

Fijit Friends Individual Characteristics Each has its own type of personality. personality Your little girl can choose the one that she connects with the most or she can have all of them and be surrounded with a variety y of characters just j like real friends. Here is a short breakdown of their characteristics:

Willa – purple – and is the trend setter. She likes fashion and cool new things. things Serafina – pink – and is the sweetie pie. Very girly and cute. cute Sage – Light Green – and she likes a challenge and likes to explore. Logan – Blue – and she is the sporty one. Likes to keep p fit.

ď śFijit Friends Applications ď śEach toy features integrated Sonic Chirp technology which basically means that the Fijit can react to certain outside media devices. Special audio coding will be embedded into external devices or media platforms such as mobile applications, television commercials and Fijit applications. li ti

So, when the Fijit is placed close enough to that application it will pick up the signal which in turn triggers various programmed p g reactions. Example: If a Fijit is watching a webisode, she might g suddenly y say: y "Hey, y I like this show!" She may start laughing when a character tells a joke or start d dancing i with ith the th characters h t on the th screen. Pretty cool idea. idea

ď śSummary ď śThese are well designed interactive robot toys that have many different features on offer to keep any girl entertained. entertained The fact that there is interaction is a big plus. With the chatting, p g singing g g and laughing children can connect to all their emotional responses.

I have no doubt that these wonderful Fijit Friends Toys will be a huge hit this coming Christmas. They have officially been released with most stock expected to be sold out fairly quickly. My advice is to put an order in now if you want to avoid disappointment.  p j y


These are well designed interactive robot toys that have many different features on offer to keep any girl entertained. The fact that there...

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