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Fast Five Movie Review (or Sung Kang / Gal Gadot’s AMWF Relationship)

™Hey cinephiles, it’s huggable Heather again with another movie review exploring aspects of Asian male masculinity! y ™Today II’m m bringing you the Fast Five movie review with a closeup look at Sung Kang and Gal Gadot‘s AMWF (Asian Male White Female) relationship.


™As this is my first movie review to the Fast and Furious series series, I can really only give a shallow review of this movie as a whole. ™ I don’t know much of the Fast Five story prior to this installment, so the p relationships and names were foreign and something I assumed were just built up over a long l period i d off time. ti


™However, I was still able to grasp the concept of this movie and understand the basic story line. ™I’ll ™I ll be honest when I say II’ve ve seen this kind of movie before…big explosions, beautiful cars and g gorgeous g women wrapped up in the heist of the century. ™That notwithstanding, I actually enjoyed reviewing it.


™I won’t lie, I was unhappy at the thought of sitting in a movie theater for 2 ½ hours (random factoid – I have a slight fear of movie theaters), ), but I was glad g that Asian American director Justin Lin (of Better Luck Tomorrow fame) took the time to give us so much background in Fast Five.


™As I was told by a few friends “it won’t feel that long and it it’s s worth it it.” They were right, it was largely unnoticed. ™The lineup was nothing at which to bat an eye – Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson were p present, followed by Paul Walker, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson (K-Town Reality Show producer), M tt Schulze, Matt S h l J d Jordana B Brewster, t and, d of course, the incredibly sexy Sung Kang Kang. Copyright:

™The music was great – the Fast Five movie was set in Rio, Rio Brazil and the song selection reflected upon that. ™ My personal favorite was “Follow Me Follow Me Quem Que Caguetou (Fast Five Remix)” by Tejo, Black Alien and Speed.


™Overall, if the goal of the Fast Five movie was to pack in as many muscular men as possible with lots of fighting, guns and cars – mission was accomplished. p ™Of course, the real reason I went into review the movie was for Sung Kang and Gal Gadot’s infamous and rarest of all creatures, the elusive AMWF kiss! Their interracial romance developed slowly and was not really the focus of the movie. Copyright:

™WARNING: I’m about to give away a lot of spoilers so please stop reading here if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want me to ruin it for you! y ™Gal Gadot rode in on a motorcycle and instantly y turned the flirtatious Gibson down while Kang strode in with a witty quip and offered her a snack. Later, after watching t hi her h drive d i in i a test t t run off the th heist, Gadot’s spectacular driving caused Sung Kang to proclaim “II think I’m I m in love…” Copyright:

™When it came time for Sung Kang to do his job, job Gal Gadot jumped at the chance to go with him, even offering to drive. As they y conversed with each other,, Gal Gadot showed her ultra-sexy side and Sung Kang was privy to a front row seat off her glorious backside. ™Here and there, they’d talk and get to k know each h other th but b t the th audience di knew the chemistry was there. Copyright:

™In the end, we see the most badass shot of all: Sung Kang driving a gorgeous car, speeding down Germany’s autobahn with the stunning g Gabot sitting g in his lap, making out with him and generally being an incredibly sexy couple. ™The director, being Asian-American hi himself, lf probably b bl pushed h d for f the th relationship’s climactic ending, resulting in the rare event of Hollywood finally letting the Asian man get the girl. Copyright:

™When I saw that final scene with Kang and Gabot kissing, kissing I couldn couldn’tt help breaking into a smile. ™FINALLY a Hollywood movie that ™FINALLY, featured an AM/WF kiss! I know Warrior’s Way y had one but it wasn’t produced p by y Hollywood, and even in other recent Hollywood movies like Ninja Assassin and G Green Hornet H t that th t ffeature t Asian A i alpha l h males yet do not get the girl in the end. ™At last, last a Hollywood movie with both a kiss and Asian alpha male! Copyright:

™I looked around at the crowd and wondered if they knew what a rarity this was. I wondered if they’d go home and remember this kiss. I wondered if they y found it different and peculiar. I wondered if they talked about it afterwards. f ™Most importantly, though, I wondered if this trend of Asian alpha males would continue in Hollywood. Hollywood Copyright:

™I wanted more development of his character and their relationship and, and ultimately, more of these pairings in the future. ™Overall, I was entertained by Fast Five and enjoyed j y writing g a movie review of it.I will watch the rest of the franchise because of it. I think that it is a great series i to t promote t AM/WF relationships, l ti hi as it is popular and the more people watch it, it the more exposure Asian men get. Copyright:

™Eventually, Hollywood will see no reason to not cast Asian men in lead roles, roles and they will get the screen time they deserve. ™This movie review gives a thumbs up! ™


Fast Five Movie Review (or Sung Kang Gal Gadot’s AMWF Relationship)  

Today I’m bringing you the Fast Five movie review with a closeup look at Sung Kang and Gal Gadot‘s AMWF (Asian Male White Female) relationsh...

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