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Extreme Couponing 101: Expert C Couponers Ti Tips

Find those coupons! The Sunday newspaper provides an abundant amount of coupons. You may want to buy a couple. couple Internet coupons. There are many awesome printable coupons to be found online! You can find a list of Internet printable sites via Google.

ď śUse a clipping service. Sometimes you just don’t don t have access to enough coupons to make much of a difference. In that case y you may y want to search a clipping service like The Coupon Clippers.

Manage those coupons! Envelopes For starters Envelopes. starters, you may want to simply place your clippings in an envelope. envelope Sort them out. You may want to get a binder and file them by date or sort by alphabetical order. This method will come in handy when your shopping for items as well as checking out at the store.

ď śWhat you should know about coupon policies! ď śRewards Cards. Does your store offer rewards? This is the most important tip because having one will allow you to lock in the absolute lowest p price on every y item. They are usually Free!

Double even Triple coupons. A lot of stores allow you to stack coupons, coupons meaning the store will take your coupon and double it making g it $ $1 off instead of 50¢. This is done automatically at the register, and is where experienced couponers really save money. After f mastering this couponing technique, you will be considered an expert expert. Our Krogers will double up to 60¢ and triple up t0 45¢. So our 60¢ coupon is actually worth $1.20.

ď śStacking coupons. Some stores will allow you to use the store coupon along with a manufacturers coupon. ď śInternet coupons. coupons Find out if your store accepts Internet coupons. Coupons from competitors. p Some stores will accept competitors coupons. Expired coupons. Some stores will accept expired i d coupons!!

What is your strategy ! Store Ads. Ads Read the store ads to find great deals, they are usually in the front of store store, if you cannot find one, one ask a clerk. These can also help you make tough g decisions when shopping. pp g Pricematch. Some stores will match prices. If you have a coupon to buy 1 gallon of milk for $1.99 at Albertson’s, you can take the coupon to Walmart and at checkout tell the cashier that you would like to pricematch the milk.

Making a List! Lists remind you what you came for and will help you find and sort items quicker. Rainchecks If your store is out of a Rainchecks. certain item you really want, you can ask them to hold the item at current sale price, and pickup item when it arrives.

Shopping smart! Buy 10 for $10 . Sometimes you don’t have to purchase all items to receive promotion Read details to see if it promotion. it’s sa must.

Rock-bottom prices. Don’t go out and use your coupon immediately! Sometimes you need to wait till the item is on sale. Use the 55¢ ¢ off dishwashing liquid when it goes on sale for $1 and then use the coupon. Combine sales, coupons, and promotions to get the absolute best price!

“One coupon per item.” I’ve heard this so many times! Most coupons say “one one coupon per purchase” somewhere in the fine p print. Cashiers will try y to tell you y that that means you can only use one coupon per transaction/day. This is NOT true! One per purchase means that you can only use one coupon per item purchased! So if you are buying 10 items and have 10 coupons then you can use them all!

ď śLimits. Stores will sometimes put limits on the item item, so check the ad and make sure you don’t overload your cart. ď śBring someone with you. you This will help you get items that are limited, meaning the store may y limit customers to only y receiving 1 item for a specific sale. Sometimes a deals is just too good to be t true and d you may need d a friend f i d to t tag t along.

Shopping early pays off. Get the first, if there is a limited supply of a specific item you really want.  “Pay attention to sizes.” A bigger box of cereal may be less than the smaller one but with coupons and sales the smaller box is likely a better deal.

ď śWatch the cashier. When checking out pay close attention to the price screen to make sure everything rings up at the correct p price. Also,, make sure that the cashier scans all of your coupons. You want to make sure every coupon counts.

ď śChecking your receipt. BEFORE leaving the store look over your receipt to make sure everything rang up correctly and all of y your coupons p were scanned.

What’s in stock? Start slowly but buy aggressively. Don’t buy more than you can afford, afford you may want to stockpile certain items because you just can’t p pass up p an awesome deal that will save you money in the long run.

Know how much you use. How many bottles of shampoo, shampoo diapers, diapers boxes of cereal, etc. will you actually use. If it’s a good chance y g you will waste,, then your y probably going overboard. If there is no way you will use it before it expires then consider donating the item to a shelter or food pantry. R d more about Read b t coupons att MeFindCoupon : http://www mefindcoupon com/ 

Extreme Couponing 101 Expert Couponers Tips  
Extreme Couponing 101 Expert Couponers Tips  

Find those coupons! The Sunday newspaper provides an abundant amount of coupons. You may want to buy a couple.